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3 Surprising Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning


A standard central air and heat system is not complete without a set of air ducts. These are what allow air to move throughout your home from a central location. And yet, we rarely think about the condition of our ducts, or what might be inside of them. Over the years, dust and debris can develop quickly within the ducts, and it’s not something you can clean out on your own due to the complex layout of your ductwork. Here’s how hiring professionals for duct cleaning can benefit you.

An Improvement in Your Family Members’ Health

Many people note that they are surprised to find fewer instances of illness in the household a few months after duct cleaning, and that their allergies seem to improve. Even if you vacuum frequently, dust high shelves and change your air filter often, dust can collect in the ducts along with bacteria, viruses and mold spores. The air ducts are extensive, and the air filter does not come between the conditioned air and the vents in your home, so it’s no help once the ducts are already too dirty.

Better Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest problems with having a layer of dust and a buildup of debris in the ducts is that it can block some of the airflow from moving through the ducts easily. This means that the system has to work a lot harder to keep you cool or warm, potentially costing you more to operate it. Duct cleaning may mean a more efficient system.

Better Performance Over the Life of Your HVAC System

Air can get to your home with ease when you clean out a particularly dirty set of ducts, which means your air conditioner and heater do not have to put in more work than they were designed for. This may lead to fewer issues over time and even a longer system lifespan.

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