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The average low temperature in Miami in January is nearly 60 degrees, so heating is a rare necessity. However, just because it’s rare doesn’t mean it isn’t something you should think about. If a cold snap does occur and you don’t have a heating system installed, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Fortunately, technology is available that makes it relatively simple to convert your existing air conditioning system into a furnace. One such device is an electric heat strip. Air On Demand offers a full line of Miami electric heat strip installation services to match the specific needs of your home.

What Are Electric Heat Strips?

For anyone living in Miami electric heat strips represent a low cost option to ensure heating is available should the weather dip below normal lows. Heat strips come in different electrical ratings and can be sized to your existing cooling–only air handler. They plug into the device and offer single phase heating that will take the edge off of a particularly cool night in Miami.

There are a few things to consider when installing a heat strip for your home. First, the electric heat strip must be sized and matched to the air handler you already have. For example a WMA heat strip will not work in a non–WMA air handler. Additionally, each air handler is a different size so the two need to be matched in that regard as well.

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Getting the Right Electric Heat Strip

Miami electric heat strip installation starts with inspection and measurement of your air handler and electrical system. While the system uses a standard breaker and 240V wiring, it is important to make sure your current system can handle the addition of an electric heating component. Your technician will check this before installation occurs.

In terms of sizing, a standard 2500 square foot home can be heated with an 80,000 BTU electric heat strip because of how mild the winters are. It is not recommended to oversize your heating system because of the risk of wasted electricity that this brings. However, larger homes will need larger heat strips, so make sure you have a heat load calculation performed before committing to any one heat strip.

Choosing the Right Electric Heat Strip

If you live in Miami, electric heat strips represent the most cost effective way to heat your home without having to purchase an expensive upgrade for your HVAC system. The key is to make sure you choose a provider you can trust to get the job done. In Miami, that provider is Air On Demand. Whatever your heating or cooling needs, we ensure the job is done right the first time, with professional service, a focus on expert customer care and only the best quality components installed in your home.

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