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How Professionals Clean Your Ducts and Why You Shouldn’t Trust an Amateur


When professional heating and cooling technicians clean the ducts in your home, you can count on cleaner air and a healthier living space. But we cannot say the same about when you let an amateur clean out your ductwork. Your ventilation system requires specialized equipment to make it clean, and that’s something that only a qualified heating and air conditioning technician can provide for you.

The Rotobrush and Other Systems

At Air On Demand, our duct cleaning specialists use the Rotobrush brand’s specialized air duct cleaning equipment to make your ventilation system cleaner. Powerful vacuums and long hoses perfect for any size of ductwork make these the ideal systems for most applications. Quality companies use equipment like this to get the job done, not just brushes.

The Process of Duct Cleaning

In order to properly clean the ducts, technicians take different techniques, but two things are consistent. First, a thorough inspection of the ductwork must be completed. This is important in order to make sure your ducts are in the proper condition to receive a duct cleaning. Then, vents and registers throughout the house are sealed off to keep contaminants from moving through the home. From there, technicians follow through with the work, inspecting it afterwards to ensure a completed job.

The Problem with Amateur Duct Cleaning

The problem with trusting someone inexperienced with duct cleaning is that they may not actually do much to help. In fact, an amateur cleaning of the ducts often makes the problem worse by just loosening up all the particles and allowing it to flow more freely into the air, or by causing damage to your ducts.

In addition, you should know about the dangers of trusting a door-to-door company or salesman for duct cleaning. A lot of scams exist in which technicians scare you with duct problems that may not exist, tricking you into paying too much for a service that may not even be completed.

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