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3 Reasons for Low Airflow from Your Vents


*Air On Demand no longer offers duct sealing or repair services. Please visit our ductwork service page to learn more about our ductwork options.

Around the holiday season, you want to see to it that your family, friends, and guests are as comfortable as possible in your home. Little problems with the air conditioning or heating system may seem like only an annoyance, but it’s important that you get these fixed as soon as possible so that a tiny inconvenience does not turn into a complete system breakdown during your holiday celebrations.

When you don’t feel enough air coming from your vents, changing the air filter can be a simple fix, and you can pick one up from your local hardware store. If this does not solve the problem, however, we recommend calling a local technician. Here are three potential problems that could lead to low airflow.

  • Dirty air filter – That’s right; the filter that cleans the air may actually be responsible for your system performance and efficiency problems. A clogged filter makes it a lot more difficult for air to flow into the system and through the ducts, so this could be the reason for your low airflow. Make sure you change this each and every month.
  • Broken ducts – Another potential contributing factor to your low airflow issues is within the ductwork, the sheet metal pathway that allows air to reach your vents. A broken duct may prevent air from reaching one or more rooms. Repairing the ducts is a job that only a professional should take on. Keep in mind that the longer this problem goes on, the harder your system has to work, which means higher energy bills and poor performance.
  • Broken fan motor – Finally, your lack of airflow could be due to a number of electrical issues including a broken blower fan motor. Have a technician diagnose the issue and schedule repairs to keep it from developing into something worse.

Change the filter each month, and call a technician at Air On Demand for prompt repairs for your heater or air conditioner in Homestead, FL.