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How Much Will AC Services Cost?
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How Much Will It Cost?

Typically, the number one concern for installing any new air conditioning system is the cost. Miami homeowners want to know whether it’s going to be a good return on investment for them to install a new AC system in their homes before they make a final decision. We totally understand and support smart financial decision making, which is why we’ve outlined some of our HVAC pricing below.

Please note that some of these prices are averages, especially for larger projects like duct and air conditioning installations. In order to ensure an accurate assessment, please contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

Click the FAQs below to learn more:

What Does It Cost for a Technician to Come To My House? What’s the Diagnostic Charge?

The Diagnostic/Service Call Fee is the cost for a certified technician to travel to your home diagnose and locate the problem with your system to present you with the best solution to solve the problem with an exact price for repair or replacement of your system.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair an Air Conditioner?

When it comes to making HVAC decisions, cost is almost always at the forefront of every customer’s mind. Of course, one of the biggest factors in deciding between repairing and replacing the system all comes down to dollars and cents.

The average lifespan of an A/C unit in Miami is about 10-12 years. But remember, if the air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it is time to replace it. But, if you are on the edge about the financial commitment, you can do a little math to make the decision for yourself.

Here are a few of the most common repairs:

Faulty Circuit Breakers, Relays, Boards or Fuses

The average cost is $165 to $560 for these parts to be replaced. If you notice that the system is having electrical issues. The problem could be one of these. These repairs make up about 2% of all repairs needed.

Condensing Components Motors, Starting Relays, Capacitors, Run Capacitors, Start kit & Contactors

The average cost is $330 to $880 for these parts to be replaced.  If you notice that the outdoor unit is not operating or powering up. The problem could be one of these.  These repairs make up about 23% of all repairs.

AC Compressor Replacement

The average cost is $1,185 to $2,700 for this large component replacement.  The compressor is the heart of the machine.  On average repairs like this make up about 4% of all repairs.

Refrigerant Leak Test

The average cost is $420 to $700 to add dye to the system & perform electronic leak search.  If you notice your system is not cooling as well as it usually does or seems to run longer than usual, this could indicate system is low on refrigerant.  On average these repairs are 16% of all repairs.

Refrigerant Leak Repair

The average cost is $680 to $2,700 for repairs in this category. If your A/C is low on refrigerant that indicates there is a leak, which should be located and fixed.  There are many different places on the A/C equipment that this can happen, including...

  • Coils,
  • Filter Driers,
  • Refrigerant Lines 
  • Connection Joints

Around 11% of repairs overall fall into this category.

Refrigerant Recharge

The average cost is $390 to over $1,000 this depends on the type of refrigerant and how many pounds the system needs. Air On Demand does not recommend just recharging the system without finding and fixing the leak. If the cause of the leak is not repaired, refrigerant will leak out again. On average these repairs are 21% of most occurrences.

Air Handler Components Motors, Relays, Heaters Capacitors, Blower Wheel

The average cost is $330 to $1,990 for repairs on the air handler unit. If you notice that the Indoor unit is not operating or powering up. The culprit could be faulty Fan Motor, relays, Capacitors, Contactors, Blower Wheel, Transformer or Heater Assembly.  On average these repairs are 16% of all repairs.

Thermostat Repairs

The average cost is between $97 & $489 depending on the type of thermostat your A/C system uses.  Not all thermostats are the same and some A/C systems like inverters or communicating systems will require manufacture specific thermostats.  Repairs like this occur on average 7% of the time.

Maintenance Problems & Tune-Ups

The average cost is $189 to $489 this depends on what type of maintenance your system needs from basic maintenance to a deep cleaning.

Air On Demand Best Recommendation for Repair VS Replacement

If your AC unit is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing your unit with a more efficient version. A good rule of thumb is the following:

If you are going to be spending the next 10 years in your home, then you should replace your AC system. If you are spending less than 10 years, it may be more cost-effective to complete a repair.

Average ac repair cost


So, you know the cost of replacing your unit and the cost of repairs. How do you make the right decision?

We can use the $8,000 rule to help make this decision. Simply multiply the repair costs by the age of the unit!

For example:

If your repairs are $800 and unit is 5 years old, your total would = $4,000. In this case, it would make sense to repair the system.

If your repairs are at $1,000 and your unit is 10 years old, your total would = $10,000. In this case, it would make sense to replace your system.

Common Air Conditioning Costs & Accessories

When most people imagine their new cooling system, they think of the air conditioning unit itself. But replacing your current system involves more than just replacing the equipment alone.

The following items are typically required to install an air conditioner:

Physical parts include:

  • Indoor evaporator coil
  • Outdoor pad
  • Outside electric disconnect
  • Electric conduit from the disconnect to the air conditioner
  • New copper line set from the indoor coil to the air conditioner
  • 15 feet of PVC pipe for use as a drain line.
  • Local permits
  • Electrical costs involving breakers and thermostats
  • Ductwork modification, if necessary
  • Condensate drainage

Air Conditioner Capacity

The capacity, or "size," of your air conditioner affects its ability to meet your cooling needs. In this case, the size of your system describes the output it needs to adequately cool your home.

In order to correctly size your homes, air conditioning system one of Air On Demand’s team member must complete a survey of the home. This allows us to recommend the best air conditioning system for your home.

A survey not only looks at the square footage of your home but also features that affect heat loss/gain. These features include the number and size of windows and doors your home has and the height of your ceilings. The ductwork size, age and condition, attic insulation R-Value.

One thing to keep in mind is that a larger or more powerful air conditioner isn’t always better for your home. If it’s sized too big, an air conditioner will cycle on and off too much. As a result, it may not cool or remove moisture properly.

If an air conditioner is sized too small, it will run a lot and not cool your home or remove moisture properly.

Because of these factors, there will never be a "one size fits all" solution for every home, even some that are the same size.

The cost of equipment can increase as you go up in capacity. But an accurately sized system can help lower your monthly utility bills and provide more comfort in your home.

And by avoiding unnecessary on-off switching, you’ll increase the life of your air conditioner.

Air Conditioning System Efficiency

An air conditioner’s SEER rating is like a car’s fuel economy. Just like you may want to know how many miles per gallon a car can get, we can use a SEER rating to describe how efficient an air conditioner is.

The efficiency of a system can also provide increased comfort and, at times, a quieter system. This overall efficiency is part of the total cost of any air conditioning unit.

New air conditioners can have a SEER rating of 14-20 or higher. Usually, as the SEER rating goes up, the initial purchase cost may increase. However, the operating costs will be lower at higher SEER levels, which can reduce the long-term costs of your system.

New Duct System

The average lifespan of a home’s duct system in Miami is about 15 years, but if your air conditioner needs to be replaced you should consider replacing your duct system at the same time. Today’s air conditioners are not designed for yesterday’s duct system. The new air conditioners of today are designed with different types of high efficiency compressors, motors & coils. In order for you to get the best return on your investment, Air On Demand recommends replacing the duct system when replacing your old air conditioner.

Cost of a New Duct System (Replacement)

The cost of replacement for a duct system in a residential home can range between $4,500-$12,500.  This includes...

  • Removal & Disposal of old Duct Work
  • Cover Flooring & Furniture with Plastic for Protection
  • Clean Up & Vacuum area with HEPA Vac after Job.
  • Test & Balance Each Room for Proper Air Flow
  • Mastic & Seal Connection Joints, Mastic All Boots to ceiling
  • Warranty: 10 Year on Materials / 10 Year Labor 

As well as the following:

  • Design & Installation of Duct system
  • Sheet Metal Plenum R-8
  • Round Sheet Metal Supply Trunk Line R-8
  • Supply Air Register All Metal Boots R-8
  • Supply Air Register Grille all Aluminium Rust Resistant
  • Supply Air Register Collars
  • Supply Air Flex Duct Mold & Bacteria Resistant R8 Insulated
  • Supply Air Balancing Damper
New duct system

Here are our prices for full duct installation:

This includes the removal and disposal of old ductwork and installation of a new system built to the size needed for the equipment.

If you need more information on our pricing or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll walk through the whole process with you, and make sure you get accurate estimates on all potential projects.

What Is the Cost of a New AC Installation (Replacement) In Miami?

No air conditioning system lasts forever. No matter how well you take care of your system, sooner or later you’re going to need a new one. That’s why we provide comprehensive air conditioning installation services. Check out our AC installation costs below:AC Install cost

The cost of replacement for an air conditioner in a residential home can range between $3,600 and $10,800. This includes labor and permit fees.

This range also covers a variety of system sizes and levels of sophistication, including variable-speed AC systems.

Air conditioning units typically fall into the following categories: Entry-level, Mid-range & High-end.

Entry-level air conditioners offer 14-15 SEER single-stage cooling. They’re a reliable cooling solution if you are on a budget or if you don’t plan to stay in your home long-term. Entry-level air conditioning typically cost between $3,600 & $5,900.

Mid-range air conditioners offer 15-16 SEER single-stage cooling. Because of their increased efficiency, mid-range air conditioners can be great if you plan to stay in your home long-term. Mid-range air conditioning typically cost between $4,900 & $7,200

High-end air conditioners offer 16-18 SEER variable-speed cooling. Because they provide the most control over your system, best of the best warranties, high-end air conditioners can be great if you want to address multiple problem areas in your home, lower energy cost & lower impact on the environment. High-end air conditioners typically cost between $6,500 & $10,800.

The factors that affect the price of your air conditioner replacement include Capacity (size of the system), Efficiency, Modifications to your existing system, Line set size, Warranty, Maintenance Plan, Rebates & Tax Credits.

The decision to replace your air conditioner can be in line with the decision to renovate your home or buy a car. But many homeowners go into the process with no idea what the overall cost will be or how those costs are broken down. When you must make a major investment, you need the right information.

Air On Demand’s team has over 30 years in HVAC, we’ve helped customers understand what factors affect the final price tag on an air conditioning unit.

While specific prices will vary depending on your home, there are common factors that can affect the final price tag on your replacement system.

Let’s go through the factors that can affect the price of an air conditioning system.

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