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For more than a decade, Air On Demand has been a trusted partner for homeowners throughout Miami. We pride ourselves on providing only the most efficient, high quality air conditioning service for each of our customers. To do this we stay up to date on the newest technology and strive in everything we do to maintain the highest level of customer service.

The Heat of Miami Bearing Down

Miami is a wonderful place to live. Average highs are over 70 degrees all year and the city is vibrant and full of life, but as anyone who has lived here for any period of time know, a good air conditioning system is a necessity. Without air conditioning, your home would be hot, humid and close to unbearable during the summer. That’s why Air On Demand takes the services we provide so seriously - we know the value of good air conditioning.

A Miami Air Conditioning Company

By far, the most important system in your home is the air conditioner. Without a properly working air conditioner, your home wouldn’t be comfortable enough in the summer months.

That’s why Air On Demand offers a full range of high quality air conditioners that match the unique demands of a Miami summer. Designed to cut humidity, banish heat and keep energy bills down, your air conditioner will be the lifeline you need to enjoy the southern Florida sun.

Beyond installation, we offer regular maintenance services for your air conditioner to ensure it keeps running month after month once installed. And if anything goes wrong in your air conditioner, we can repair it immediately. Call us today if you need a Miami air conditioning company you can trust.

A Miami Heating Company

Heating is almost never needed in Miami, but when it is, you want a system in place that will keep you and your family comfortable. We offer a full line of heating solutions designed to minimize your expense without sacrificing comfort.

From electric furnaces to electric heat strips to convert your existing air handler into a furnace, we will keep you warm in the winter chill. And if anything ever happens to your heating system, call us for immediate repair services.

Indoor Air Quality Services

With such high outdoor humidity levels and extreme summer heat, it’s important to keep your home sealed up tightly. But all that insulation can increase the risk of high indoor air pollution.

To combat this, we offer installation of the best air cleaners and purifiers on the market from RGF and Air On Demand. If you are at all concerned about your indoor air quality, call us today for a consultation.

Your ductwork is responsible for circulating cooled air whenever your air conditioner is running. Air On Demand offers a full range of ductwork installation and repair services to keep your home comfortable and cool without the electric bill jumping off the charts. Call today to learn more about our ductwork services.

If you need a Miami air conditioning and heating company you can count on, give Air On Demand a call today!

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