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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How often does an AC need to be replaced?
      If properly maintained, most modern air conditioning units last between 10-12 years. Maintenance is the key to keeping units running at its peak and reduces costly replacement.
    • Why do I need an on-site replacement consultation?

      On-site consultations are extremely important when wanting to purchase a new unit. Common things we find when doing an on-site consultation are the ducts are:

      1. Very old and damaged and may need to be replaced to get the best quality out of your new unit.
      2. The unit in the home currently is the wrong size for the square footage and duct system
      3. There may be other underlying issues that would be missed if a unit is purchased over the phone
    • Should I get an air conditioning system that is bigger?

      No, bigger isn’t always better.

      Air conditioners work to remove humidity from your home, cooling the air for a higher level of comfort. An oversized air conditioner may work at a faster rate, but will use a much higher level of energy which can become costly and may even impact your system’s longevity.

      Oversized systems will have short run cycles, which will not adequately remove the moisture and humidity from your home’s air. Over time, this can lead to a buildup of humidity in the system, causing a number of problems including mildew and excess wear and tear. With the technology today, units are variable speed. Smaller, variable speed units can cool your home more efficiently, giving you a higher comfort levels using less energy which can save you money in the long run.

      Lastly, if your ducts are not sized for a larger system, the airflow from a larger system can damage them.

    • What determines if I should replace or repair my unit?

      If your unit is more than 10-12 years old and requires repairs that are more than $600, we recommend replacing it, at this point, you will be throwing money down the drain since a unit at that age will break down again.

      If your unit is newer and the repairs guarantee that the unit will work efficiently for a long period of time, then we recommend that you go with the repairs rather than a new system.

    • Can I Just replace my compressor?
      We never recommend just replacing the compressor. When you do this, there is not a guarantee that it is compatible with the air handler. Also, you will have issues with the age of the unit. With the compressor being newer than the air handler, once your air handler dies, you will have to replace that separately. The cycle will then continue with replacing piece by piece. It is more efficient to replace them together.
    • Can I get a price of repairs over the phone?

      No. Although you may call in with an idea of what needs to be done, the repair or service you had in mind may not be the correct process necessary to get your unit up and running again. A 31-point diagnostic must be done to determine what it needed. There are many times a customer calls in thinking the thermostat is the problem when in reality it is the float switch or something else causing the unit to shut down.

      With our Price First Pricing© however, you will get the price of the service before we perform the work.

    • Is there a fee for a visit/repair estimate.
      Yes. The diagnostic fee for service calls made between the hours of 8am - 5pm is $77. Any visits made after hours (after 5pm) has a fee of $97.
    • Do you offer Financing?
      Yes. There are three ways to finance. You can apply through Optimus.
    • Is seasonal maintenance worth the investment?

      Yes. Having maintenance done on your unit regularly is extremely important. In most cases, keeping up with maintenance is required to keep your manufacturer warranty valid. If your unit breaks down, most manufacturers want to make sure you took care of the unit to prevent possible issues.

      Maintenance is especially important during the spring to prepare your central air system for the hard work it will be doing all summer to keep you home cool.

    • How do I know if my ducts need to be replaced?
      1. If your home has excessive amounts of dust circulating through the air even after a duct cleaning, this can be a sign of leaky ducts which is not good for the central air unit, air quality, or your health. In this case we would recommend replacement as patch jobs are not a good idea.
      2. If some rooms in your home are too hot and some are too cold, it may be because of a problem with the HVAC ducts. This is especially likely if the problem is new.
      3. Mold in your ducts
      4. The age of your home can determine whether you need your ducts replaced. For example if your home is 20+ years old with original ducts, it may be a good time to change them.
      5. You can also have your ductwork tested by one professionals
    • How often do I need to change my filter?

      Filters should be changed monthly. If you have pets, we recommend checking the filter frequently to determine how much build up you have. Pet dander and fur may require you to change your filter more than once a month.

      If you have a HEPA or media filter, it is recommended to change every 3 to 6 months.

    • Do you Service Commercial Property?
      Our main focus is residential service, repairs, and installation.
    • I am only a tenant and need repairs. Can you do the repairs & bill my landlord later?
      In this situation, your landlord will need to call our office to set up an account with us. He/She will also need to provide a credit card to keep on file for billing.