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The Benefits of Packaged Air Conditioning


Finding the right air conditioner is a difficult task for some, especially those with unique home designs that don’t allow much space to place an outdoor unit. Packaged air conditioning systems have all of their components housed in a single cabinet, rather than a separate indoor and outdoor portion. This unit goes on the roof and connects to your duct system to provide you with whole-home cooling (and often heating as well!).

Out of the Way

The conventional split-system air conditioning system is not right for every home. The outside portion of the air conditioner has to sit on a slab outside of the home, but there isn’t always very much space for this installation. Besides, the outside unit is loud and quite large, so it can become a nuisance if it’s located in an area that people walk by to access parts of the home. That’s why business owners and homeowners alike often choose a packaged air conditioning system, which is on top of the building instead of in the way of foot traffic.

Faster Service

Another reason many homeowners (and business owners) choose to install packaged air conditioning systems is that, with all of the components located in one cabinet, a technician may be able to diagnose and repair your system a little more efficiently. Maintenance visits are faster than with split-system air conditioners, as the technician does not have to move from the inside to the outside to inspect the entire system.

High Efficiency

Any time you replace an older air conditioning system, you can probably expect to see an improvement in your monthly energy bills. This includes packaged air conditioners—especially if you select a high-efficiency unit. Work with your contractor to find a packaged air conditioning system that fits into your budget and your home and one that carries a high SEER rating, for better efficiency.

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