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Your AC System Should Not Run Out of Refrigerant


When our technicians show up to fix an air conditioner that is not quite doing its job, we often hear, “Does it just need more  Freon™ ?” Refrigerant, the name of the chemical blend used in air conditioners ( Freon™ is a brand name, likely not used in your air conditioner) can evacuate from an air conditioner over time.

But the thing is, it’s not really supposed to.

Refrigerant Is Meant to Be Recycled

Here is how an air conditioner (or heat pump) works. Refrigerant is able to absorb heat under the right temperature and pressure. It moves throughout the inside and outside components of the system, changing pressures and absorbing heat from the air inside of your home and releasing this heat outdoors, starting the thermodynamic process that cools your home.

You don’t “burn through” refrigerant, like you would burn through fuel in a gas appliance. Rather, because of the way it works, refrigerant is designed to stay within the AC system and to be recycled throughout its lifespan.

At least, that’s the way the system is designed. Sometimes, refrigerant leaks from the system, and that reduces its ability to cool your home efficiently. You’ll notice that the space in your home is warmer and the air conditioner doesn’t run the way it’s supposed to, often cycling for far too long. In that case, something is wrong with the AC system.

Recharging Refrigerant Does Not Resolve the Issue

We call refilling refrigerant “recharging” the system. While it can help your air conditioner for a period of time, it is not a long-term solution. And long-term solutions are important if you expect the system to live out its lifespan and remain energy efficient.

For an air conditioner with low refrigerant to work properly, a technician should address the leak. Sealing refrigerant leaks may come at a greater cost, but the long-term results are certainly worth it.

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