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5 Tips for Trying To Keep Cool While Waiting On AC Repairs

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You’ve noticed something is definitely wrong with your air conditioner. You already had maintenance done on this system so you’ve made the smart decision to call a professional technician about getting an air conditioner repair in Miami. Well done!

The catch here is that you likely aren’t the only one in need of repairs. Miami sees plenty of high temperatures which means our air conditioners see a lot of use, leading to plenty of overlap for repair appointments. It may be a little while until your technician arrives to service your AC unit.

While you wait for your expert AC repair technician to arrive you may be trying to figure out how to stay cool. This is something we can help with too!

1. Use the fans to keep yourself cool

Let’s be clear, running a fan won’t lower the temperature in the room. What these appliances do is help increase the evaporation of sweat which is your body’s natural cooling process. This allows you to feel much cooler even if your AC isn’t running.

2. Avoid using the stove or the oven

Staying cooler isn’t just about removing heat, it also involves reducing the addition of heat in your home. Using the kitchen stove or the oven on a hot day can raise the temperature throughout the house. This is why, when your AC is out of commission, it may be a good day to enjoy cold cuts, fruit, raw veggies, and other cool foods to avoid turning on these heated appliances.

3. Drink plenty of cold fluids

Hydration is extremely important to keep yourself cool. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of cool water can help your body sweat more easily and helps you vent more heat. Just make sure to keep things in balance by eating food or drinking fluids that provide electrolytes too!

4. Keep the interior of the house shaded

We love the sun here in Florida but if you are waiting for your air conditioner to be repaired is it better to keep the interior of your home as shady as possible. Find ay windows getting direct sunlight and close the blinds or curtains to block out that sunlight. While this may make things a little gloomy it also keeps the house much cooler by blocking the radiant heat that sunlight would bring in,

5. Enjoy some time poolside or on the beach (if you can)

If you have a pool on your property or in your community, or you like near the ocean or a beach, this is the time to spend near the water. This can help you cool off while you wait for your technician. Just make sure to keep your phone on so you know when your technician is headed your way so you can be home to let them it.

When you need AC repairs, it helps to know that the people who will show up at your door are reliable and worth the wait! That’s exactly what you’ll get with our team.

Air On Demand is proud to provide simple, affordable comfort solutions throughout the greater Miami area. Contact us today to schedule your next AC repair.