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We Want to Help with Your New Year’s Resolutions

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This year, we want to help you reach your goals (some of them, at least). Keep us in mind for all of your air conditioning and heating needs throughout the year, and we can help you tackle some of those New Year’s resolutions. Take a look!

Happy New Year from Air On Demand!

Spend More Time with Family

How can an air conditioning company help you spend more time with your family members? In so many ways! Our comfort systems are high-efficiency, high-performance units sized precisely for your home, so you can always come home to comfort. With one of Air On Demand’s Premium Quality systems in your home, you can be more excited about coming home for family dinners or your weekly game nights.

Another way we help homeowners spend more time with family is with our maintenance plans. These help prevent air conditioner breakdowns so that you don’t have to make an emergency call to a technician in the middle of movie night or right before you planned to go out.

Save Money

As always, Air On Demand’s equipment and services are competitively priced. We always work to find the most cost-effective solution to a problem with your unit, and we make sure you understand your options.

We can also help make your home more efficient with energy-saving upgrades that effectively lower your monthly bills. Smart thermostats make it easier to make efficient choices for your home. And when it’s time for a new system, we will help you find a high-efficiency air conditioner that saves money for years to come.

Finally, our money-saving Comfort Shield maintenance plans may restore efficiency to older cooling and heating equipment. All of our plans include discounts on repairs and Bonus Bucks toward equipment replacements.

Get to Know the Community

Finally, it’s always been our resolution year after year to get to know the people in the neighborhoods we serve. Get to know your community better by supporting local businesses! We have been a trusted name in the community since 2001, and we’d love to meet you.

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