How Often Should You Have Maintenance for Your AC System?

Air conditioners don’t last forever, like any other appliance in your home. But there are some things you can do to make yours last a little bit longer, and to keep it running efficiently while it’s around.

You take your car in for an oil change every few months because you want it to have a long, efficient life. Scheduling air conditioning maintenance offers similar benefits, but the technician comes to you!

So how often should you schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment if you’re in the Miami, FL area? Our experts say: at least twice a year.

Why Should You Schedule Maintenance Twice a Year?

We recommend that you schedule maintenance for your air conditioner at least twice a year. In other parts of the country, homeowners only need annual tune-ups since their air conditioners see such little usage. But in a place like Miami, the components of your AC unit can wear down—fast.

A maintenance visit consists of some key adjustments to your AC, a thorough coil cleaning, and a complete inspection. You’ll find out if anything needs repair. And air conditioners that see biannual maintenance tend to last longer, run more efficiently, and require fewer repairs throughout their lifespans.

Sign up for a maintenance program so that you don’t forget to schedule maintenance when you need it. With our maintenance plan, you can also get discounts on repairs, guaranteed emergency service, and Bonus Bucks to go toward a system replacement.

What Else Should You Do?

If you want to keep your air conditioning equipment running smoothly for longer, scheduling twice-annual maintenance appointments is only part of the equation. You also need to take the right daily and monthly steps that can improve AC performance and efficiency for years to come.

  • Change the filter monthly to keep air moving properly.
  • Seal your home with caulk and weathers stripping.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to prevent overuse. Raise the temperature by about 10 degrees when you plan to be away from home.

Air On Demand offers excellent AC maintenance plans for homeowners in the Miami area. Call our team today!

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