Signs You Need Attic Insulation Service

attic insulation

Insulation may seem like something that is installed once and then never touched again, but in actuality, it is a part of your home that does require upkeep. Much like the paint on your walls or the wood that makes up your porch, your attic insulation requires repairs and replacements in the form of attic insulation service.

By now you are likely questioning why the fluffy stuff that is hidden in your attic and walls is so important and how it might end up requiring service. Because we are the experts on every part of your home comfort and performance, we can give you the answers to these questions along with the service that your attic insulation may need now or in the near future.

What is the Role of Your Attic Insulation?

If you are going to invest time and money into your attic insulation you deserve to understand what it does. Your attic insulation helps your home hold in the conditioned air that your AC system produces. Without insulation, all that cool air would seep through your walls and drift away, leaving you overheated and forcing your air conditioner to work much harder. With good insulation, your home will stay cooler for longer, and your AC unit will have a chance to take a break.

How Do You Know Your Attic Insulation Needs Service?

It is easy to see why attic insulation is important. Along with that, it is also easy to see why insulation that is in need of repair is such a huge problem. Over time, age and weathering will eventually take their toll on your attic insulation, leaving it worn out and that means it won’t hold onto your conditioned air all that well. The best thing to do is be aware of what the signs are that your attic insulation needs repair so you can get things sealed up again quickly.

4 Signs of Insulation Trouble

  • High Energy Bills: If you have insulation problems, it will often show up as increasingly high energy bills. This is because your AC will be working harder to cool your home.
  • Brief Comfort: Insulation that leaks cool air out will also reduce the amount of time that your home stays comfortable.
  • Longer Cooling Cycles: Your ACs cooling cycles will be a lot longer than usual because it will be working much harder to cool your home even as most of the cool air is escaping.
  • Dusty Air: Cool air leaking out also means outside air is leaking in, and with it a lot of dust, dirt, and debris that would otherwise get filtered out.

On-Demand Comfort Service in Miami

If you are having serious issues trying to keep your home comfortable, it may be due to an issue with your attic insulation. If you need a hand with this vital factor of your home performance, don’t stress because we can help. All you have to do is reach out to us to have a professional technician come by and get the situation assessed and resolved.

Contact Air On Demand to give your home performance the boost it needs.

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