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5 Facts About AC Maintenance You Need to Know

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Spring has sprung which means that we are going to be using our air conditioners once again, if we haven’t started using them again already. Didn’t we just turn them off last week? It may feel like it, honestly, and it probably feels like that for your system too.

Thankfully, there is a way to help give your air conditioner a good kick-off to the cooling season: maintenance. This service can provide a lot of good things for your system and your comfort that we think you should know about. In fact, we have 5 facts about maintenance that are great for you to have on hand to help you decide whether you want to schedule a tune-up or not.

5 Facts About Maintenance That You Should Know Before Summer

So here’s the deal. Maintenance is pretty great for you and your air conditioning system which is why we provide this service and we offer a maintenance plan to make this yearly tune-up even easier. But first, there are some things you should probably know about what maintenance involves and why it is so great.

  1. Maintenance requires your AC to be off. You read that right. Your AC can’t be running during a maintenance check. This is why we encourage Miami residents to get their maintenance checks done during spring, before that oppressive summer heat hits in full force.
  2. Maintenance is pretty low-key. Even if you have an air conditioning maintenance appointment on a day that turns out hotter than expected, you shouldn’t need to worry. Unless your AC has a bigger repair need, your maintenance check shouldn’t last too long.
  3. Maintenance is affordable. A tune-up involves things like cleaning your AC unit’s parts, tightening anything that is coming loose, adding some lubricant where it is needed and doing some extra checks and adjustments. It shouldn’t require extended labor or added parts that keep this service on the affordable side, especially because you really only need to do it once a year.
  4. Maintenance saves time, money and energy. Imagine finding out that you could do something for your comfort that could ensure you spent less time and money on repairs while also extending the use of your current system. Here’s the great thing: you don’t have to dream this up because this is exactly what maintenance does.
  5. Maintenance can be automatic. Remember that maintenance plan we mentioned? If you decide to contact us and opt into our maintenance plan you’ll enjoy not only a thorough tune-up for your system, but scheduling assistance that ensures you never forget your yearly check-up.

There you have it, 5 need-to-know facts about air conditioning maintenance. And why should you know these facts? Like we said above, they can help you make that sometimes difficult decision as well as help you determine when to schedule maintenance. The truth is though, if you enjoy having an air conditioner that works efficiently, cools your home effectively, and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, maintenance is absolutely a service you should take advantage of.

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