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Does Your Heat Pump Need Repairs?


Heat pumps tend to be the main home climate control systems found around Homestead. This is because they have the ability to both cool your home down (which they will be used to do most of the year) and heat the home (on those few days of the year here in Florida when the temperatures drop far enough.)

These are great systems to have around in the modern Florida home. But they don’t last forever, especially not if they aren’t taken care of. Your heat pump may look unassuming being a compact block on your wall but is actually a somewhat complicated system.

A system like this needs to be kept up through maintenance and repairs by a professional HVAC contractor in Homestead, FL. Let’s discuss how you can tell that the time for repairs has come!

You Need Heat Pump Repairs If…

If you have a heat pump, you likely rely on it quite heavily throughout the year. This kind of consistent use leads to wear and tear which, as you likely already guessed, will eventually create a repair need or two. Here are the signs to watch for that let you know when it is time to call in a professional repair technician.

You Have Exceedingly High Utility Bills

Increased heat pump use will, of course, create higher utility bills. With that said, they shouldn’t skyrocket far beyond their normal range. If your electricity bill is far more expensive than usual though, this may be a sign your heat pump is having a lot more trouble trying to do its job and is sucking up more energy to try to accomplish this goal.

Strange Noises

Does it seem like your heat pump is trying to talk to you? Trust us, your system hasn’t become sentient; instead, it is likely the sign of a needed repair. For example, a screeching noise is caused by metal scraping metal, likely an indicator that your blower fan is in trouble. Or, if you hear hissing, you may have a refrigerant leak. Essentially anything more than the whoosh of air from your heat pump is worth a call to a professional.

Reduced Comfort

Your heat pump is responsible for keeping you comfortable and this effort can be hindered in two key ways: reduced airflow and poor temperature control. If the airflow from your heat pump is weak, it may indicate you need to change a filter or check your ductwork. On the other hand, if the airflow is strong but it isn’t even close to the temperature you want it to be, there is like an issue within your heat pump like a refrigerant leak or a stuck reversing valve.

Next Steps

If you have noticed any of the symptoms above, whether you are having trouble heating or cooling your home, you should schedule heat pump repairs in the near future. The longer repairs are delayed the worse the issue will get and it can create the risk of a repair creating a full system replacement.

Contact Air On Demand to schedule your heat pump repairs today.