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Tips For Your Thermostat

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Your thermostat is a seemingly minor yet highly vital part of your HVAC system. Aside from occasionally adjusting the temperature or switching between heating and cooling mode, you might not spend much time considering your thermostat’s role in your home comfort.

We want you to know that your thermostat is actually a huge factor in how comfortable your home is. From the way that you use this part of your system, to keeping it well maintained, your thermostat can truly make or break your comfort levels.

With that said, we have some tips that you may want to start to incorporate into your regular habits. These tips will help you optimize your home comfort and we are happy to report they are pretty easy too!

3 Tips For Your Thermostat

So what are some ways that you might be able to improve how you use your thermostat? We have some suggestions:

1. Make sure you never go beyond 20°F less than the outside temperature.

All too often, people are tempted to mash the button or crank the dial on their thermostat much further down than it should be. The best rule of thumb to remember when setting the temperature on your thermostat is to remember to never go beyond 20°F less than what the temperature is outside. So, for example, if it is 90°F outside, you don’t want to set the thermostat any lower than 70°–and even that will feel pretty darn cold after a while! This range will both help your comfort and your energy efficiency especially because your AC can’t go any further down without sustaining damage.

2. Shoot for an optimal temperature setting

The Department of Energy advises that setting your thermostat to about 78°F. This will help you save quite a bit on energy costs, up to 10% actually. Keeping your thermostat at this temperature throughout most of the year is also great to help you keep your home optimally comfortable along with maximizing your energy efficiency.

3. Have a professional perform repairs and maintenance

The best thing you can do for any part of your HVAC system is to make sure maintenance is done regularly and repairs are scheduled in a timely manner. This applies to your thermostat as much as it does your AC unit. If your thermostat is miscalibrated or becomes disconnected, it won’t be able to do much for your comfort. However, if you have a professional come by to check your thermostat and provide repairs, there is a big difference.

Trust Our Team with Your Home Comfort

The team at Air On Demand is one that you can rely on. We are known for being a company of trustworthy and professional technicians who include upfront pricing with each service we provide. When you need a technician to help you with your thermostat services or with any other part of your home comfort needs, you can turn to us.

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