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Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality


Your home comfort involves more than just the temperature of the air blasting through your ventilation. Your home indoor air quality (IAQ) plays a large role in how comfortable your home is. In fact, your IAQ can actually make or break your cooling system’s ability to keep you comfortable.

We know it might seem strange to think about but it is true. That is why it is so important to make sure that you keep your IAQ in mind throughout the year. And, in turn, if you start noticing that there are signs that your IAQ is on a downturn, refer to our technicians to discover ways to improve it! That is why we offer indoor air quality services in Homestead, FL after all!

Boosting Your IAQ

Improving your IAQ is both an important and a surprisingly easy task. There are some things that you can do yourself and others that are only a quick call away that will help to improve the air quality in your home. Below we have listed a few tips to boost your IAQ that you can use.

What You Can Do Yourself

These are a few different options of ways that you can help improve your IAQ on your own.

  • Check Your Air Filter: In most cases, your HVAC air filter is an accessible part of the system that you can remove to clean or replace. Make sure you double-check that you have a reusable filter before attempting to clean it with a dust rag and water. If you are ever unsure about replacing or cleaning a filter, you can always reach out to a trained technician for assistance.
  • Keep the Home Clean: As you can probably guess, keeping your home clean prevents dust and debris from making their way into your air system and being circulated throughout your home. Incorporating regular habits such as brushing the pets once a week, dusting on the weekends and vacuuming regularly, go a long way in improving your IAQ.
  • Find Air-Cleaning Plants: Certain plants can help clean the air within your home and improve your air quality. Do some research on what plants may work best for your home (such as spider plants or snake plants) and pick one or two up from your local gardening store.

What To Call a Professional For

You can’t do it all by yourself! Call the professionals for the following air quality services.

  • Cleaning Your Ductwork: Your filter works hard but it can’t catch everything. Over the course of a few years, dirt, dust, fur and other debris can build up inside your ductwork, making their way through your vents when you use your air system. Call a professional for duct cleaning services.
  • Installing Purifiers and Other Filters: Your easy-to-access air filter isn’t the only filter within your air system. A professional has the ability to install and service additional air filters that can make a big difference in helping your IAQ. What’s more, opting for an air purifier can address additional issues within your air such as bacteria, allergens, viruses and more.

Contact Air On Demand to discover how we can help you improve your IAQ.