Protect Your Air Conditioner When It’s Rainy

In our area, we all know that rainy weather does not necessarily mean relief from the heat. Rainy days still call for you to run your air conditioning system. And luckily, air conditioners are able to work well even as the rain comes pouring down. Still, there are a few things you should keep in mind during the rainiest seasons.

Clear Debris Away From the Unit

First, you should know that air conditioners are not typically affected by rain in a negative way. However, in stormy weather, it’s not just the moisture you have to worry about.

When it’s storming outside, severe winds may send debris pummeling into the outdoor unit. The damage could cause problems for the outdoor coil, and stray debris and vegetation might keep the unit from exchanging heat properly to the outdoors.

Watch out for stray debris in the unit, and consider scheduling service after a stormy season to check for any damages.

Keep It Ventilated

The cabinet of your air conditioner keeps it protected from the damages of rain, and a cleaner coil is actually helpful to you. However, a problem does occur if moisture is allowed to remain in the AC unit. This could cause corrosion of the major components of your air conditioner’s outside unit.

The outside unit has ventilation built in. When you cover it up with plastic, you prevent it from properly ventilating. If you do decide to cover your unit for the off-seasons, be sure to buy name brand covers made by major manufacturers with ventilation built in.

Have Maintenance Completed in the Off-Season

It’s a good idea to make sure your air conditioner is maintained when the weather is good, so that you’re prepared to have it running full time without having to call a technician in severe weather. Call technicians when the weather outside is nice, so that you know your AC will work smoothly and efficiently when it’s raining and hot.

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