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Air On Demand and The Pink Fund Partner Up to Raise Money For Breast Cancer Patients In Miami-Dade

The pink fund

Being diagnosed with breast cancer not only affects patients physically and emotionally, but financially as well. Most women are too sick to work and lose up to 75% of their income.

The Pink Fund was created to help these women with their monthly bills to give them peace of mind while focusing on getting better. Eligible patients receive up to $3,000 towards major bills such as rent, mortgage, car note and or utilities depending on their financial need.

Upon extensive research, Air On Demand (AOD) chose this organization because it was different from the all others. Most organizations use donations for finding a cure for breast cancer by donating to major research corporations or hospitals and although finding the cure is important, we wanted to support an organization that helps patients on a personal and individual level.

During the treatment and healing process, patients should not have to worry about how they will pay their light bill when they haven’t worked in weeks, or if they will lose their car, the only means of transportation to get to the hospital for their check-ups or treatments. The Pink Fund offers “real help now” so that household bills can be the least of a patient’s worries.

Another great thing about The Pink Fund is that it is a very transparent organization. On their website you can see where every donated dollar goes, from patient bills to advertising and salaries. With this easily accessible information, you won’t have to wonder if you are funding a CEO’s Bentley or 5th home in Aspen. Every dollar is honestly used. You can even receive information on the person your donation has helped.

We will be matching donations made to The Pink Fund through this link from October 1-31st. If you would like donate with cash or a check, AOD will be handing out envelopes and brochures during service calls, or you can pick one up at the Air On Demand headquarters (10682 SW 186st, Miami, FL 33157.) Please make checks payable to “The Pink Fund.”

So join us in the fight this October, where every dollar you donate becomes two!

For more information or contact Air On Demand by visiting or calling (305) 222-7318