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What Can Go Wrong When You Don’t Hire a Licensed Hvac Professional


The budget-conscious homeowner can find ways to save on just about anything. They know that many off-brand products can be just as good as the name brand equivalent. They know that cooking at home for most of the week can help with a monthly budget—big time. And they may try to save money with DIY projects around the home when something needs to change, or if something goes wrong.

This is fine when it comes to things like replacing a doorknob or building a new desk. But DIY projects are never a good idea when it comes to fixing or installing a central air conditioning system. We recommend that you hire a licensed and insured HVAC professional every time.

The Dangers of an Amateur Install or Repair

Allowing someone without the right qualifications to install your HVAC equipment may go terribly wrong. We understand why you might want to hire a handyman or a neighbor with a really good tool set to fix your system. Amateur repair-people tend to charge a lot less for the work.

But think about it this way: if someone is willing to take such a low rate for the work, they are likely cutting corners somewhere along the way. Chances are, this person will have to consult a manual and guess as to what the problem is. They may not know how to thoroughly inspect an AC unit, and amateur work could eventually result in more repairs, costing you a lot more than expected in the long run.

A Licensed and Insured HVAC Professional Is the Only Person to Call

It’s so important that you only hire a licensed and insured company for your HVAC needs. The insurance covers the company and you should there be any property damage or bodily injury when a technician works on your system. With an unlicensed company, accidental damages are not covered, and if a technician is injured on the job, they could even sue you!

Having the proper licensing simply means that the company has the proper training and certifications to do work in your area. We also recommend that you look for NATE-certified technicians with expert training so that you get the very best quality services.

Call Air On Demand for air conditioning services from a licensed and insured technician in the Homestead, FL area. We offer honest, upfront pricing and excellent customer service.