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Your Ducts Are Making You Warmer


*Air On Demand no longer offers duct sealing or repair services. Please visit our ductwork service page to learn more about our ductwork options.

You’re not very comfortable in the summer, even when you have your AC system running, but it could be a lot worse. You might assume, like many people, that this is just something you’ll have to put up with, and something that so many of your neighbors and friends deal with too.

But this simply shouldn’t be. There are ways to make an air conditioner operate more efficiently and smoothly and provide better air quality and temperatures to your home. An air conditioning maintenance visit is part of this, but fixing the air ducts is often the cure.

The Problem with Broken Ducts

One of the biggest issues with broken air ducts is that you might not know that the air ducts are broken! Commonly, the air ducts in homes just leak, with an average air loss of 20-30% in homes across the U.S. They leak over time, as the constant air pressure begins to take its toll. Or they leak because they were not installed by professionals specializing in the HVAC field, and they have cracks where sections of duct connect.

In any case, your leaky ducts can cause:

  • Uneven air distribution. When one part of the ventilation system is leaking, air may not reach the other areas of the home like it’s supposed to. One room is often warmer, cooler, or draftier than the others.
  • Poor efficiency. You pay to cool parts of the home that are not even occupied.
  • Poor performance. You might just feel warmer overall in the summertime, and it’s because your ducts are not moving air into your home efficiently.

Professional Duct Sealing Service

Sealing the ducts professionally is the best way to reduce leakage and make sure that the cool air you pay for is what you get. Some technicians overlook the ducts as the potential source of the problem, and only look for AC repair needs that can be fixed easily. Make sure you choose honest, reliable technicians who offer ductwork services.

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