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Can a Dirty Filter Lead to AC Repair?


Most people have heard before that you should change the air filter of your air conditioning system regularly—about once a month. And yet, few people know why this is, or that neglecting to change the filter could cost them a lot of money later on.

Learn how a dirty filter can hurt your AC system in the guide below, and call our specialists for more information.

The Dirt in the Filter Blocks Air

The problem with allowing a filter to get too dirty is that air is blocked from getting into the AC system. Air must pass through the filter before it moves to the AC system and back out to your home. The filter is what keeps particles from damaging the AC equipment, after all.

However, if your air filter is too dirty, air won’t be able to get in, or at least not the usual amount of air. Your air conditioner was designed to cool a set amount of air, so any lack can have a major impact on performance and efficiency.

Some Common Problems Resulting From a Dirty Filter

The drop in airflow resulting from a dirty or clogged air filter can cause a number of problems with your AC system performance and may result in repairs if left alone for too long. Here are just a few.

  • You pay more for air conditioning. The AC system has to work a lot harder when the filter is dirty, leading to higher energy bills for you.
  • The coil may freeze. The coil inside of your air conditioning system, the evaporator coil, may freeze over when the filter is dirty and cannot suck in enough warm air. This lessens efficiency and makes the system perform poorly.
  • The major components can become overworked. Finally, a dirty filter can cause many of the major parts to become overworked, including the compressor, due to the extra run time.

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