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4 Signs You Have Duct Issues


Your ductwork is the out-of-sight part of your home comfort system that should never be truly out of mind. This is because a problem with your ductwork can undermine your home’s comfort and lead to problems with your HVAC system, even up to the point of a breakdown.

This makes it easy to understand why you’d want to address any and all problems in your ductwork promptly. But we’d advise putting away the duct tape–it won’t help the way you might think.

Issues within your ductwork require professional service. Here are the signs that will warn you about when your ducts need assistance.

How To Tell Something Is Wrong With Your Ducts

So how can you figure out something is wrong with your ducts without trying to access them on your own? Well, you can start by checking to see if you notice any of these warning signs:

  1. Reduced airflow: Holes, leaks, or cracks in your ducts can allow conditioned air to escape your duct before they reach its final destination. This will lead to reduced airflow in one room or even throughout the house, making it a lot harder to get comfortable.
  2. Increased energy bills: Did you know that even a small duct leak can be a source of a huge amount of energy loss? It’s true! And that means that you will end up paying more money to try to get your home comfort under control even as the air you pay for escapes into the crawlspace or attic.
  3. Hissing or whistling: When you run your HVAC system, do you hear odd sounds above your head? Hissing or whistling can both be indicators of a leak in your ductwork. This is caused by temperature-controlled air exiting the ductwork through these small cracks. If you are hearing either of these noises from your vents then it may be a good idea to have your ducts checked.
  4. Reduced temperature control: Last but not least, duct problems will start to negatively impact the temperature control in your home. This reduced temperature control translates to longer run times for your HVAC system and higher energy bills as a result.

How We Can Solve The Problem

As we said before, you are better off putting the duct tape away. Despite its name, all this kind of tape will do is leave you with an unsolved problem and potentially worsen the damage.

Instead, you are better off coming to a team of professionals like ours for ductwork repair in Cutler Bay, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our team of technicians knows exactly how to assess your ducts to identify where the problem is and how bad it is. From there we can figure out the right solution to address the problem head-on.

When you need help with home comfort, don’t forget the role that your ducts play!

Contact Air On Demand today to have a technician check and repair your ductwork. Proudly serving the Greater Miami area.