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Common Fixes for a Loud Air Conditioner


Air conditioners, when operating normally and without malfunctions or worn-down parts, generate a soothing white noise that comes from the spinning fans and the working of the compressor. We expect this sound as the backdrop for our summer days of air conditioning in Miami, FL.

When your AC becomes noisy, however, it not only disturbs your daily routine, it warns that something damaging has occurred inside the unit. In most cases, you’ll need to call repair specialists to look into the sound and repair whatever has gone … before you lose your cooled-down home.

  • Fixing the fans: The most common reason an AC can turn into a noise polluter is trouble with its fans. Repair technicians will need to investigate the blowers to discover what is causing the poor operation. Sometimes, technicians will need to clean the fans and their motors, or secure loose fans. Other times they will find that debris has bent the fan blades, leading to the blades striking the casing. Restoring fan blades is tricky, since technicians must make sure they do not bend them out of shape trying to straighten them.
  • Lubricating or replacing motors: The motors that operate the fans and the compressor can wear down and eventually burn out. Screeching and shrieking noises often indicate a motor at the edge of a burn-out. If this is detected early enough, a technician lubricating the motors can fix the trouble. Otherwise, the motor will need to have a complete replacement.
  • Cleaning dirty coil fins: The coil fins are the spot where the heat exchange in the indoor and outdoor units takes place. If dirt clogs either set of coils, it will not only cause noisy operation, it will reduce cooling power. You cannot simply take a rag or vacuum to fix this; a technician will need to remove the coils and properly clean them. Bent coil fins may also contribute to noisy operation, and it requires special tools to straighten them.

Ignoring loud sounds from your AC can lead to the unit breaking down, or at least needing more expensive repairs when your house starts to grow warmer as the system loses its effectiveness. You will also probably pay more on your utility bills because of the extra power loss. Call up a professional in air conditioning in Miami, FL right away and get your AC back to smooth running.

The NATE-certified technicians at Air On Demand are glad to help you with air conditioning repair so you have a great summer season.