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AC Problems That Get Worse Without Repair


Any mechanical system like an air conditioner can develop malfunctions that will put greater stress on its components, and this will lead to further deterioration. This means that, essentially, any problem in your air conditioning will grow worse if you do not call for technicians to repair it. You cannot ignore a single fault in an AC; you risk losing your cooling entirely.

However, some air conditioning problems are harsher than others and will grow worse much faster if allowed to continue without attention. Here are some of the AC malfunctions that will get increasingly worse if left unrepaired.

When you have any of these troubles, call on the experience of Air On Demand for your air conditioning repair in Miami, FL.

  • Grinding motors: A major warning sign that your air conditioner will send that it needs repairs is a loud grinding sound from the cabinet. This usually means that one of the motors is wearing down from lack of lubrication, a covering of dust, or worn down bearings. If left without professional attention, the motor will soon break down completely. Repair technicians can swap out the dying motor for a new one.
  • Icing along the coils: Although it may seem normal for some ice to appear along the indoor coils (the AC is blowing out cold air, after all), it’s actually a serious signal of trouble, either with dirt along the coils or a leak in the refrigerant. The ice will impair proper heat absorption, and it will continue to grow until it creates a solid ice block across the coil that will prevent any heat exchange or cooling at all. Scraping off the ice won’t help the problem: call for repairs.
  • Bad capacitor: There are a number of capacitors in an air conditioner that send electrical power to the motors. The start capacitor catalyzes the motors, and the run capacitor keeps them working. When capacitors start to go bad (you’ll hear a clicking sound from the cabinet), it will lead to damage to the motors as well, and eventually the capacitor will fail. A technician can replace the capacitor to prevent any further damage.

Although these are the more extreme examples of air conditioning repair that require you move fast, any trouble that starts up in your AC will eventually grow worse without trained assistance. You don’t want to risk your air conditioner breaking down on a hot day, nor do you want to waste money running a system that drains excess power.

If you need air conditioning repair in Miami, FL , call Air On Demand. We have more than a decade of experience keeping Miami cool.