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How Humidity Can Affect the Quality of Air Conditioning


In Florida, humidity plays an important role in our comfort, especially during the summer. High levels of moisture make the summer heat feel much warmer because our bodies cool themselves with evaporation, and the more moisture in the air, the more slowly that evaporation happens.

Air conditioning systems remove some moisture from the air through the cooling process. However, humidity can affect a home’s AC when it reaches especially high levels, leading to reduced comfort and the possible need for repairs.

The muggy summer climate means you need to take special care of your air conditioning system to ensure it keeps working throughout the season. When you require air conditioning repair in Miami, FL to protect yourself from damp summer heat, call Air On Demand and speak to our staff of trained repair technicians.

Humidity and Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning system will assist with drying the air in your home, but an AC isn’t designed specifically as a dehumidifier. The humidity can climb to levels where it will start to cancel out the cooling you feel from your system. This requires that you keep the AC running longer to combat the humidity, reducing the system’s efficiency. You’ll end up paying more to run the air conditioner while feeling less comfort. This also leads to stress on the unit, and this can trigger repair needs. (Installing a larger AC won’t fix this: the system will not run as long and remove even less moisture from the air.)

If you had your air conditioner professionally installed, you should have the right sized system to balance the humidity in most situations. If your air conditioner continues to have problems combating humidity, take steps to reduce the moisture levels in your home, such as placing fans in kitchens and on ceilings and installing dehumidifiers. Also make sure your air conditioner receives its regular inspection tune-up so it has the highest efficiency level possible.

It’s important to have repairs done on your AC if there is any indication that humidity is causing it damage. The excess condensation along the indoor coil because of high humidity can lead to issues in the condensate pan: any blockage in the drain will cause the pan to overflow and leak water inside your home.

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Summer

There’s nothing you can do to stop Florida’s humid climate, but you can reduce its effect on your AC with regular maintenance and prompt repairs. Along with the other steps to lower indoor humidity, make sure that your air conditioning system works at its best.

Air On Demand is familiar with how humidity affects ACs. When you need a tune-up or air conditioning repair in Miami, FL to help you with a muggy summer, give our specialists a call.