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Miami, FL Air Conditioning Tip: How to Tell if Your AC Refrigerant is Low


Our city experiences so much heat, we named our basketball team after it, and a reliable air conditioning system is an absolute necessity to keep your home comfortable when the temperature rises. Air conditioners depend on refrigerant, which cycles through the system and cools the surrounding air, which a fan then circulates through your ducts. Refrigerant levels need to stay at a set amount, particular to your model of air conditioner in order to work. When those levels drop through leaks or other problems, it can severely affect the functioning of your unit. Here’s how to tell if your AC refrigerant is low.

The most obvious sign is to check your evaporator coils for signs of ice and frost, which can build up on the surface of the coils over time. It doesn’t sound like a huge problem – why would an air conditioner be hampered by something cool? – but that ice can insulate your coils, preventing them from absorbing heat from the air in your home. Other signs are more subtle. With your air conditioning’s cooling power diminished, you may notice that it runs longer than it should, or that the air blowing into your house isn’t as cool as you’d expect it to be.

Regardless of the cause, it takes a trained professional to properly address the problem. Simply scraping the ice off won’t work – the underlying problem will still exist, which means it will just come back – and doing so could damage the evaporator coils as well. Luckily, a good technician can solve the problem very effectively. It’s a matter of hunting down the source of the leak and sealing it up, then recharging refrigerant levels to their proper levels. For problems with air conditioning in Miami FL, call the professionals at Air On Demand. Call us today to set up an appointment.