Does This Odor Indicate a Need for Air Conditioning Repair in Miami?

Air conditioning is a year-round necessity for living in Miami. We have our share of cold days during the winter (well, less than our fair share compared to other parts of the country), but we can count on the heat remaining with us all through the season. For your comfort, you need to pay attention to anything that might indicate faults in your air conditioner that require professional repairs from a company like Air On Demand.

An unusual odor coming from your vents is a major warning sign that something might be wrong with your cooling system. If the smell is a musty or dank one, then it’s a good possibility you have breaks in the ductwork. If your ducts suffer damage or excess corrosion, they can develop cracks and gaps. This will lead to a loss of air pressure, meaning lower air flow and higher temperatures; but is can also cause the AC to start to draw air from hidden places in your home, such as the attic or crawlspaces. The break might even draw the stagnant air from the space between your walls. Because the air in these places is usually dusty, you’ll start to notice the musty smell you associate with old attics and spaces that haven’t been aired out in years. Duct breaks need sealing as soon as possible to avoid lowered air quality and a reduction in cooling.

Another cause that comes from your AC itself is mold growth that starts in the condensate pan. The condensate pan collects the water moisture that drips from the normal condensation process of the air conditioner, but if the drain becomes clogged, the water will start to back up and can develop bacterial growth. Get an HVAC repair tech to clean the drain, line, and condensate pan.

There are some odors that aren’t AC trouble: an overpowering rancid smell can mean a dead animal, such as a rat, in the vents. But in general you shouldn’t take chances, and since the problem most likely lies in the ducts, get professionals to come in to make an inspection. You don’t want to tamper with or try to dismantle ductwork on your own.

Air On Demand can take care of whatever air conditioning repair in Miami, FL you need. We can also help clean your air with filters and purifiers, and take care of bacterial problems with UV lights. Make us your first choice for your air conditioner’s care and maintenance.

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