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Noises That Signal a Need for Air Conditioning Repair


One of the first warning signs a machine will give you that something has started to go wrong is a new and unusual noise emanating from it. If you’ve lived with your current air conditioner for a good stretch, you know what sounds you expect to hear it make. But when the unexpected starts, it might be time to call for the services of a trained HVAC technician.

Here are some specific noises to listen for. If you encounter any of these, call for expert air conditioning repair in Miami, FL from Air On Demand. We will send NATE-certified technicians to your home to get your air conditioner healthy again.

Pay attention to these sounds from your air conditioner:

Hissing: A noticeable hissing noise often indicates a leak in refrigerant. The location of the leak is something you won’t be able to determine without a technician’s help. The two most likely places for this to occur are in the compressor or the reversing valve (if your AC is a heat pump). The problem needs immediate repair before you lose more refrigerant. During repair, the technician will also recharge the refrigerant to its proper level.

Rattling/grinding: The most common reasons for these annoying sounds are loose parts in the motors that run the compressor and the fans. Sometimes rattling may only mean loose screws on the outside of the cabinet. If this isn’t the problem, you need to call for repairs before the motors stop working entirely.

Clanking: This noise likely comes from a broken or loose blower fan belt, either in the indoor or outdoor unit. Changing a fan belt in an AC isn’t the same as changing the fan belt in a car, so even if you have experience with the latter, you’ll need experts to handle the former. And get the repair done as soon as you can, since the fan belt will begin to damage other components if it comes loose.

Clicking at start-up: Some clicking is normal at start-up when your AC hasn’t been turned on for a long period of time. But if this sound occurs regularly, the start capacitor may be on the verge of failing. Should that happen, your air conditioner will not turn on at all. The capacitor will probably need replacement, and a technician can handle this task easily.

Don’t hesitate—call the experts!

You should never let a malfunction continue, even for a brief time. An air conditioner can’t repair itself, and a small fault will grow into a large one. For your Miami, FL air conditioning repairs, turn to the experienced staff at Air On Demand.