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Is Your Central AC in Need of Repairs?

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With current events progressing as they are, chances are that our months of spending extra time at home isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. Maybe this is good news for your budget but bad news for your FOMO. We get it and while we can’t help with the FOMO, we can help make sure that your home is at least a comfortable place to spend the next couple of months in.

Our central air conditioning services may end up being the best gift you give yourself this year. Why? Because with our help, you’ll enjoy a central AC that operates better and lasts longer than it would otherwise. Here are some ways to tell that it is time to call in the elves, er, technicians, to give your AC a helping hand this season.

Is Something Wrong With Your Central Air Conditioner?

We don’t want to suggest you schedule a service you don’t need. We also don’t want you to try to ignore any issues you are having with your central AC system either. This is why we want to make sure you know what the signs are that something is up with your system so you know when to call us for assistance.

5 Warning Signs You Should Know

Indicators of trouble in your central air conditioner include:

  1. Odd new noises: No central AC is going to run silently. This doesn’t mean that every noise your system makes is normal though. If you start hearing sounds you haven’t heard your system make before like hissing, bubbling, screeching, or ratting, you should schedule repairs to get the causes of the ruckus addressed.
  2. Lukewarm or warm air: Your central AC has one job and that is to produce cool air for your home. If your system is acting as a heater instead, it isn’t something to brush off. An AC that isn’t producing cool air is one that needs repairs. If you put it off too long, this issue may even lead to an early replacement.
  3. Weak airflow: Sometimes the temperature of the air your AC makes is fine but you still can’t get cool. It could be because the flow of air from your system is too weak to make any kind of a difference. It might be caused by a clogged filter or a broken fan. Whatever is the reason for the issue, make sure to address it ASAP.
  4. High energy bills: Your energy bills shouldn’t show any major spikes in your use of your AC unless someone is seriously messing with the thermostat. Aside from that, high energy bills are going to be an indicator of a problem with your system.
  5. Short cycling: Does your AC turn on and off within a couple of minutes’ time, only to start back up again shortly after? This is known as short cycling and it is terrible for your system and your home comfort. Schedule repairs ASAP if you notice this warning sign.

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