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When Do You Need a New Thermostat?


How well would your car operate without a steering wheel or an ignition? We know that this may seem like a silly analogy but the fact is that an air conditioner without a thermostat is going to run as effectively as a car without a steering wheel–that is, not at all! So with this in mind, we have an important question to ask you: How well is your thermostat operating?

If your thermostat has been operating well, chances are that you don’t have to upgrade it anytime soon. If you hesitate to answer that question though, it may mean that a thermostat upgrade is the best way to ensure the operation of your air conditioning in Coral Gables, FL. We can help you determine if you need to schedule that service and pair you with the best new system for your home’s needs.

Signs Something Is up With Your Thermostat

A problem with your thermostat is ultimately going to end up being a problem with your air conditioning system. If something is wrong with your thermostat, the sooner you get it addressed the better. Here are the signs that you need to schedule a replacement for a bad thermostat.

  • Inaccurate temperatures: A thermostat that can’t accurately read the temperature of your home is one that likely needs to be replaced. Older thermostats can become easily miscalibrated, resulting in a home that is too hot or too cold, along with other issues.
  • Delayed responses: When you turn on your thermostat, it and your air conditioner should respond to you immediately. If there is a delay in how quickly your thermostat responds to you, or it doesn’t respond at all, you likely need to replace this system.
  • A short cycling system: Have you noticed that your AC isn’t completing its usual cooling cycles? This is known as short cycling and can be caused by a thermostat that isn’t picking up on the temperature in the home correctly. This creates some serious wear and tear on your AC over time, not to mention the fact that it hinders your home comfort.
  • High energy bills: Spikes on your energy bills aren’t something to ignore. They usually indicate trouble in your air conditioner or the other parts of your system. Make sure that your thermostat is operating right or upgrade it if not.

Choosing a Great New Thermostat For Your Home

If your hone’s thermostat is on its last leg, you shouldn’t ignore the issue. Instead, you should reach out to a team member at Air On Demand to assess this system and replace it if necessary. We can ensure that a replacement is really the service you need and, from there, we can pair you with the best thermostat to meet your needs. This includes options like a smart or Wi-fi thermostat that can offer improved efficiency, programmability, and even remote control options.

When you work with Air On Demand, you’ll enjoy the benefits of up-front and honest pricing provided by licensed and insured technicians.

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