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Which Air Conditioner Is Best for Warm Climates?

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If you find an article online about AC installation, you must keep in mind that climate makes a huge difference. The person who wrote it may live in a climate with cool winters, meaning they don’t have to deal with nearly year-round air conditioner usage, like many of us in Miami. Some of the air conditioners that can help homeowners save a few bucks and feel more comfortable up North may not work for us.

We want to help those of you struggling to find the best AC system for your home in an area where you use it almost nonstop. Follow our advice below, or call our friendly technicians to help you select the best fit.

Whole-House Cooling Or Bust

First, we want to emphasize that anyone who lives in a warmer climate like ours should consider upgrading any window units or room air conditioners. These simply are not the best fit for most homes. They rarely do an effective job of cooling a room, let alone a whole house; they block the windows or force you to cut out part of the walls; and they are noisy and inefficient. Window and room units are not held up to the same federal standards as central systems, so even the most efficient one may cost you a lot to run.

Whole-house cooling is simply the best option. Central air conditioning, when properly sized, is more efficient than ever before. You can control the temperature of the entire home with a single thermostat. And, today, there are more options than you might expect.

Heat pumps are types of refrigerated central air conditioners that allow for heating and cooling in one. A ductless air conditioning system or heat pump allows you to get the power and efficiency of a central air conditioner by connecting several small wall-mounted units to a single outdoor unit. It’s just as effective as standard AC, and does not involve the noise and hassle of a window unit.

Proper Sizing Is Everything

Many people think they should just get the biggest air conditioner they can afford, but this is a mistake—especially in a climate like hours. If a system is too small, it will run for too long, nonstop in some cases. However, that doesn’t mean you should spring for the largest system.

Oversized air conditioners can short cycle, meaning they run for quick cycles repeatedly, which wears down the components and leads to breakdowns. They may not do a good job of controlling humidity either. That’s why it’s so important to call in professionals to ensure proper sizing before you get a new AC installation.

High Performance and Efficiency

Finally, in a warm climate, it’s so important that you select a unit rated highly for efficiency. High-efficiency systems do cost more, initially, but they save so much money throughout time. Often, the savings you see offsets that initial cost.

Efficient systems are likely to last longer and perform better as well. You can look for additional features such as variable-speed fan motors and Wi-Fi thermostats to save even more and feel more comfortable. Just ask an expert for advice first!

For high-efficiency air conditioning installation in Miami, FL, contact Air On Demand today.