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Saving Money with a New AC

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Buying a new air conditioner sounds like a stressful ordeal. Aside from the time required to install the unit, which can be a big deal in a cooling emergency, there’s the cost involved with putting in the new unit. It’s tough to save money on something that is essentially a “distress purchase”: something bought in a time of intense need.

The purpose of our guide today is NOT to tell you about an insane deal where a new central air conditioner costs only a couple hundred dollars; that’s simply not a possibility. However, we can help you reduce costs in the long run and understand all of the easy payment options available in your area. Here’s how you can save when it’s time to buy a new air conditioning system.

Sooner Is Better

First, a great way to save on air conditioning is to replace it before an emergency situation comes up. Preferably, you want to replace your AC system during times of mild weather, when the local HVAC companies are not backed up with requests and your AC replacement is not an emergency. This isn’t possible for everyone, but in case your air conditioner has not broken down quite yet, we want to make sure you can spot the signs.

  • Your system needs several costly repairs a year.
  • You find out that a single AC repair will cost about half the price of a new unit.
  • Your air conditioning is 10-15 years old or older and costing a lot to maintain.

There tends to be an extra fee for emergency AC replacement. In severe cases, homeowners have even had to go out and purchase window units or portable air conditioners just to stay cool while waiting to get a replacement, so early replacement helps you save money in this way.

Choose High Efficiency

High efficiency is all the rage these days, but you’ve likely noticed that less efficient systems (for cars dishwashers, and all types of equipment) tends to cost less. Of course, this is for a reason. The initial investment seems like a steal, but you end up paying more in the long run for the extra cost of running the unit.

When you choose a high-efficiency unit, your total cost is offset in time. That means that what you paid for the unit plus your monthly bills equals out to less than you would have paid to install a high-efficiency air conditioner or heater.

Look Into Financing Finally, it’s important to look into financing if the option is available to you. Not all who apply will qualify, but a good financing program allows you to make easy payments without much concern about the initial cost. Sometimes, homeowners find that the cost of the monthly payments PLUS the cost of monthly energy bills is actually less than they were paying on monthly bills before!

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