Why Is My Air Conditioner Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

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In our previous blog, we discussed some options to try if your air conditioner is not working properly. The circuit breaker is something you can and should try if the AC unit shuts off completely, or will not start up at all. Look for the switch that controls your AC system and try resetting it (or replacing a blown fuse if you have an older electrical panel).

This may do the trick. However, you might find yourself with a broken-down air conditioner again shortly after all of this. Your AC system should not trip the circuit breaker that often, and it indicates a major problem within your air conditioner. Thankfully, your local contractors are here to help with AC service in Homestead, FL. Call Air On Demand for more information, and read on to find out a few possible explanations for this type of AC trouble.

Two Possible Main Causes

There are two potential overarching reasons an air conditioner would trip the circuit breaker.

  • The circuit breaker is bad.
  • The air conditioner is drawing too many amps.

If the trouble is with the circuit breaker, you will need a licensed electrician to solve the problem. However, it is quite likely that the air conditioner itself is the reason you keep having to reset the circuit breaker. Some issues may require the help of a qualified AC technician. But you may be able to resolve the problem on your own.

Dirt and Debris

One of the reasons your air conditioner may be drawing more amps than it is supposed to is the presence of dirt and debris. You may be surprised to find out that the problem was mostly due to:

  • A dirty air filter
  • Dirt on the outdoor coil

The air filter is designed to protect your air conditioner from the damage of incoming debris and particulate from the air. However, when it becomes too clogged up, the fan has to work overtime to get the right amount of air into the system. Changing the filter may help to resolve the issue forcing your AC to work overtime.

The outdoor coil is responsible for allowing refrigerant to release built-up heat. When it’s too dirty, the refrigerant cycle and heat exchange process does not complete, which means the air conditioner can become overworked.

Problems that Require Professional Service

Most issues that cause an air conditioner to trip the circuit breaker need the attention of someone with the right expertise. That way, the problem is detected quickly and you get the most cost-effective solution for the long-term. Here are some examples of other reasons the air conditioner may be drawing more amps than the circuit breaker is designed for.

  • Low Refrigerant – This would interfere with the regular operation of your AC system.
  • Motor Issues – If a motor shorts out, there may be too much of an electric current for the AC to handle.
  • Compressor Damage – Sometimes, a compressor issue can be resolved. Often, however, technicians find that it’s better to replace the entire AC unit.

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