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What Really Makes a Ductless Mini Split Different?

Ductless wall AC Unit

Are you one of the many residents without central air conditioning in the Cutler Bay, FL area? You may have found other ways to cool down the house, like a room AC unit that doesn’t require ducts to run. However, most of these solutions are inefficient and undesirable.

If you are missing the duct system required for standard central AC, we have a solution. Ductless air conditioning is unlike any cooling system you’ve tried. Find out what makes a ductless mini-split cooling system different below, and call our team for more information.

It Works a Lot Like a Central Air Conditioner

In many ways, ductless air conditioning works a lot like any other AC system. It has all of the same components, in fact, including an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. While a central air conditioner’s indoor unit is typically hidden from view, a ductless system’s indoor blower must be mounted high up on the wall, but it has all of the same components.

Here’s how it works:

  • A fan in the indoor unit sucks in air from around a room.
  • Refrigerant turns to a gas inside at the evaporator coil.
  • As warm air blows over the evaporator coil, the refrigerant is able to absorb heat while the coil cools down.
  • Air blowing over the coil is cooled before it moves into your home.
  • All that heat has to go somewhere. Refrigerant cycles to the outdoors, releasing heat into the air as it becomes a liquid at the condenser unit. Then it continues to cycle through the indoor and outdoor units until the home cools down.

All in all, you’ll feel like your home is cooled by a conventional central air conditioner, especially if you have multiple indoor units throughout the home. But, as you’ll see below, there is much less hassle when you choose to go ductless.

But Here’s What Sets a Ductless System Apart

So, a ductless system will keep you cool just like any other air conditioner. But what makes it different than your other options? While you could try store-bought options or even renovate your home to install a ducted AC, there is really no comparison.

  • Ease of installation – A ductless air conditioner installation requires no major renovation to your home. The outside unit and indoor blowers attach via a refrigerant line that leads from one to the other. Technicians only need to drill a small home in the wall to feed this through.
  • Quiet operation – Ductless air conditioning indoor blower units have the same comforting hum you would expect from a central air conditioner, while all of the noise remains outdoors. This is much different than a room air conditioner, since the compressor, motors, and all of the electrical parts are included in the indoor unit.
  • Longlasting, efficient equipment – Unlike other options for people with no central air hookup, ductless systems are long-lasting, with lifespans surpassing that of even similarly sized central air conditioners, and highly efficient.
  • Thermostat controls – You can control the temperature in one room without affecting the temperature in another with built-in zone control. In addition, you’ll have a central thermostat so you can control all of the units at once and keep the home at an even temperature with ease (unlike with window and room units).

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