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AC Repair Guide: The Blown Capacitor


One of the most common calls we get throughout the year for AC repair in Miami is a blown capacitor. All run capacitors and start capacitors go out eventually, but some air conditioning systems have this problem more frequently than others. This could have to do with a faulty installation, a design flaw, or the voltage going into the unit. Or, your capacitor may have simply worn out its life.

What the Capacitor Does

In any case, a blown capacitor affects you air conditioning system in some major ways. The capacitor is responsible for sending a jolt of energy to the major electrical components of your AC system. It’s sort of like a battery that stores energy so that it can send out the right jolt (or series of jolts) to the components as needed. Start capacitors start motors up, while run capacitors keep things running.

Parts that Use Capacitors

There are capacitors that start up all the major motors in your HVAC system and those that keep them running.

  • The blower motor – Without the fan that moves air into the rooms of your home, you won’t notice any air coming in through the vents.
  • The compressor – This part of your AC system helps refrigerant to pump through it, adding pressure so that heat can release at the condenser coil. Without a capacitor, the system cannot cool the air.
  • The outside fan – This fan must also be running to get cool air, as it allows heat to dissipate into the air outside.

How Much Will a Capacitor Cost You?

Capacitors fail from time to time, and it’s not really too big of a deal most of the time. The cost of the part and labor is not serious enough to consider system replacement, and the rest of your system is not affected as long as you seek out AC repairs ASAP.

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