4 Things You Should Know about Energy Efficiency and Your AC

If you want to save money on air conditioning this year (without turning off your system completely), we think there are a few things you should know. Check out our list and call in professional contractors to help you make your air conditioner a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly system.

A Couple of Degrees Makes a Difference

It’s tough to get the temperature just right when you have an older manual thermostat. The setting on the dial might look like 77° or 78°, but you could actually have it at 75° or 76°.

While it might not seem like a big deal to have the temperature 1° or 2° off, it can make a huge difference. This wears down your system faster and uses more energy to keep your home at a temperature that’s lower than you really need! Upgrade to a digital, programmable thermostat to save more per month.

Proper Sizing Is Everything

A new installation should be carefully sized to your home if you want everything to run smoothly and efficiently. Only one size is right for your home. Make it a bit too small or large, and you could end up paying for it. A smaller system uses a lot of energy to cool a space it wasn’t designed for. A larger system starts up too frequently, using a lot of energy at startup and wearing out the system.

Maintenance Is Key to a Long Life

This service can help you keep your air conditioner around for longer, and it can make your air conditioner more efficient. You know about problems within the system sooner, so you can schedule AC repair before you spend a ton on cooling costs. And, you get a tune-up that allows the system to run smoothly and use less electricity.

Professional Service Matters

You cannot expect your air conditioner to operate properly if you don’t get it installed and serviced by professionals who know what they are doing and how to identify problems. Make sure you are working with professionals you trust as they already have years of experience in the industry.

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