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How to Keep Your AC System in Better Condition


An air conditioning replacement is expensive, and it’s something you may want to delay for as long as possible. If you want some tips as to how to keep your air conditioner in the best condition possible for the longest period of time you can, read on!

Change the Filter

One of the most important things you can do for an AC system is to change the filter regularly. If the air filter is too dirty, it could keep the right amount of air from flowing into the AC system, which would stop the unit from doing its job properly. It could become overworked, and the parts wear down faster this way.

Keep the Rest of It Clean Too

Cleaning the air filter is important, but the rest of your AC system needs to be relatively clean for it to run smoothly as well. When there’s too much clutter around the outside unit, it could have a major impact on the heat exchange process, which means the system has more trouble doing its job. For more complex cleaning jobs, you may need to call in a technician.

Run It Less Often

Use your programmable thermostat to operate your air conditioning system less frequently, seeing to it that the system is turned off when you’re not home, or kept at a higher temperature. Don’t turn the temperature too far down, and have an agreed-upon setting, like 77 degrees, that your family members will not set the temperature below when they are home.

Call Technicians When You Notice Problems

As soon as you notice an issue with your AC system, call in an expert so the problem doesn’t get any worse. The sooner you call, the less the components will wear, and the longer your air conditioner can stick around in your home.

Schedule Tune-Ups

Regular tune-ups with an air conditioning technician in the spring help to get your air conditioning system into good condition and help you to learn about problems within the unit. After an inspection, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule any necessary repairs so that they don’t progress into major problems. And with a professional tune-up and cleaning of outdoor coils and more, the parts run smoothly and use less energy, and the system could last for longer.

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