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How Dirty Coils Affect Your Air Conditioner


A lot of homeowners have heard something about the importance of having a clean air filter. Not only does a dirty filter make it harder to keep the air clean and prevent allergy symptoms from acting up—it’s also bad for the system when the filter is so clogged that the AC cannot draw in enough air.

But what many homeowners don’t know is that dirt on the outside unit of your air conditioner can cause just as much trouble. The outside unit is designed for durability and weather resistance. But a whole lot of dirt can still make its way onto the outside condenser coil after a year of usage and potentially lead to some costly repairs.

The Importance of a Clean Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is the component in which refrigerant, the chemical blend that continuously moves through your system while it is running, condenses (turns from gas form to liquid form) and lets off heat.

Your air conditioner works through heat exchange, moving heat from one place to another. At the inside portion of your air conditioner, refrigerant absorbs heat from the air moving over the evaporator coil. Outside, it lets the heat out, releasing it into the air. This is how “cooling” works—through heat removal—since “cool” is not really something that can be produced.

When the condenser coil is dirty, however, heat cannot release into the air with ease. This means the air conditioner has to work harder, which can result in an overworked system.

Cleaning Off the Coil

This is a step we recommend leaving to a professional technician. Technicians have special chemicals designed to remove dirt without wearing down the coil. In addition, you can schedule a maintenance visit which includes a coil cleaning and overall inspection and tune-up of the whole system. This can help the system to run more smoothly and it may use less energy, saving you money each month and preventing repairs.

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