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How a Dirty Air Filter Affects Your Air Conditioning


Changing the air filter is one of the easiest ways to maintain an AC system. Unfortunately, it is an overlooked task that often goes neglected for long periods of time. Changing an air filter—or cleaning it if you have a reusable filter in place—is a simple task that could save you lots of money and stress. Here’s what makes a dirty filter such a problem.

The Issue with Dirt

A dirty filter is much more than a health hazard. When you don’t change the filter for several months, the system can start to malfunction. Your air conditioner was designed to take in a certain amount of airflow with every cycle. If anything prevents air from flowing into the unit, it won’t be able to deliver enough air to your home.

Furthermore, the parts of the system can begin to wear down because they are not acting as they were designed. The compressor is working a lot harder than it should have to in order to pump refrigerant. This can make the system fail long before its expected lifespan ends.

And because the unit works for so long while trying to keep you cool despite a lack of airflow, it will also take up a lot of energy. Dirty filters cost a lot in terms of monthly bills, repair costs and a potential premature replacement. It’s cheaper to change the filter!

Changing the Filter Is Easy

All you have to do is open the vent, pull the filter out, and slide in a new filter of the same size. Or, with a reusable filter, you’ll use a vacuum to pull out loose dirt, and then clean it out with a garden hose and leave the filter out to dry. If you have trouble with this task, consult a skilled technician for help!

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