The Power of Electronic Air Purifiers

Do you know what kinds of contaminants are in the air you breathe? Often, airborne contaminants such as dust mites, pollen and mold spores infiltrate the air in our homes, potentially leading to illness or causing allergy and asthma symptoms to act up. You have an air filter in place, but is this enough to clean up your air for your family members and guests? Learn more about one of the most effective solutions for indoor air quality issues in this guide.

Electronic Air Purifiers: How They Work

Electronic air purifiers are not anything like the typical filters you probably think of when you imagine air cleaning products. These do not trap particles in the traditional way, catching them in media that you must replace every so often. Instead, they use an ionization process to charge the particles moving through the air.

As your blower fan sucks in air from around the home, the charged particles attract to surfaces of the opposite charge. With some systems, this means that the particles in the home cling to a surface such as the curtains or the couch, rather than continuing to move through the air. More commonly, the particles are attracted to metal plates within the system that you have to clean every few months. In any case, electronic air purifiers can get rid of over 99% of the particles in your air (up to a certain size).

Could You Benefit from an Electronic Air Purifier?

We mainly recommend electronic air purifiers for homeowners looking for a unique solution to their indoor air quality issues. People with severe allergies, asthma or immune system disorders can benefit the most. But an electronic air purifier could be a great fit in any home with a forced-air heating and air conditioning system. Some homeowners even notice that instances of illness among family members reduce after installation. To learn more, contact a local technician.

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