3 Problems with Your Air Conditioning Fan That Require Repairs

The standard central air conditioning system in a home has two large fans. A blower in the inside cabinet draws warm air through the return vents and sends it across the evaporator coil, where it loses heat, and then moves it out into the ventilation system. The fan housed in the outdoor cabinet draws outside air across the condensing coil, where it releases heat.

As key mechanical components inside an air conditioner, the fans need to remain in top operating shape or else the performance of the system will be in jeopardy. If you notice a drop in airflow from your vents, feel insufficient levels of cooling, or hear loud striking sounds from the AC, don’t hesitate to call professional technicians to handle repairs. You’ll find the NATE-certified staff at Air On Demand ready to help you with your air conditioning in Doral, FL, no matter the trouble.

3 Repair Issues With AC Fans

  1. Broken fan belt: This is a problem for older air conditioners that still use blower fan belts. (More recent models use direct motors.) The fan belt is more susceptible to damage than other parts of the fan, and the intrusion of debris into the cabinet can sometimes cause the belt to break. The belt can also wear down from age, causing it to fray and tear apart. A loose belt will make a loud clanging noise in the cabinet, and a fraying belt will create a clicking sound, so call for repairs as soon as you hear anything unusual.
  2. Burnt out motor: The motor that runs the fan (either a direct motor or using a fan belt) can suffer from strain that will cause it to burn out and fuse the wiring inside the case. When this occurs, the fan will not move at all and the motor will need to be replaced. A motor undergoing excess stress will start to make screeching and grinding noises, and sometimes repair technicians alerted in time can repair them instead of replacing them.
  3. Bent fan blades: This trouble is more common for the outdoor blower because large debris such as stones and branches. Bent blades will begin to strike the fan casing and will rapidly inflict further damage to the air conditioner if not repaired. When you hear the sound of metal striking metal coming from the cabinet, call for repairs right away.

If fan problems are not fixed soon, not only will it risk further repair needs, the loss of airflow will impair heat exchange and threaten your supply of cool air. Opening the cabinet to fiddle with the fan on your own is not the way to handle the trouble, since you can potentially cause more issues with the unit. Instead, call Air On Demand and speak to our experienced staff. We will send out AC repair technicians who will take care of your air conditioner in Doral, FL so you will have the best airflow and performance from your AC for the rest of the summer. Give us a call today.

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