How Leaky Refrigerant Affects Your Air Conditioning System

Refrigerant is the chemical in your air conditioning system that helps with heat transfer and the cooling process. If your air conditioning system develops a leak through which refrigerant can escape, your system can begin to breakdown. The experts at Air On Demand have compiled some examples of how leaky refrigerant can affect your air conditioner. If you suspect a refrigerant leak in your system, schedule air conditioning repair in Miami, FL immediately.

Decrease in Cooling Output/Warm Air

Refrigerant is the chemical which facilitates heat transfer in your air conditioning system, so one telltale sign of a possible refrigerant leak is experiencing a decrease or total loss of cool air coming into your home.

Increase in Utility Bill

Some leaks may not affect your cooling right away, but that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting your system. Low refrigerant levels make it impossible for your air conditioner to operate as efficiently as it ought to. To make up for the leak, your system may need to work harder to achieve the same level coolness in your home. When your AC works harder, it draws more electricity, which can result in larger utility bills.


The refrigerant in your air conditioner helps to remove heat from your property, leaving cool air behind for redistribution throughout your home. Leaks can hinder this process, so that the heat transfer/cooling process doesn’t happen as it should. When one part of the system is too hot and the other part is too cold, excess condensation can develop that freezes up in the colder part, causing icing.

Fixing a Refrigerant Leak

Fixing a refrigerant leak is not a DIY job; it requires the expertise of a trained professional. Why? First, refrigerant is a chemical monitored closely by the EPA and requires specific handling; second, refrigerant leaks can be difficult to find, and may need the use of specific methods to be discovered. Additionally, if you do have a refrigerant leak, your system will most likely need a recharge, which can only be handled by a trained professional.

Do not ignore a refrigerant leak. Leaks do not repair themselves, and they tend to get bigger as time goes on. The best way to tackle a suspected refrigerant leak is to call Air On Demand right away.

Since 1989, Air On Demand has been doing air conditioning repair in Miami, FL, and in that time we’ve seen a lot of refrigerant leaks. Think you may have a leak in your air conditioner? Call today and schedule an appointment.

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