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Is Now the Right Time to Replace My AC?


As the long hot weather season in Florida begins to get into gear, you’ll begin thinking about how your current air conditioning system will hold up. If you have a fairly new AC, you shouldn’t have much to worry about as long as you have regular maintenance done during the spring to keep it fine-tuned. However, for an older air conditioner, you may wonder if perhaps the time is right—before the extreme heat strikes—to replace it with a newer system.

Choosing to have new air conditioning installation in Miami, FL takes commitment, but it may be the most long-term economical and short-term comfortable path to take. Air On Demand can make the process easier for you, and with our help, you’ll know if you need to repair or replace your AC, and you’ll have the trained and professional assistance necessary to do either.

When AC Replacement Is the Best Choice

The first step in deciding whether or not to replace your current air conditioning is to check on the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan for the system. If your air conditioner has met or exceeded it, then you’ve already received a great bargain from it and should consider a replacement before the AC begins to deteriorate and cost money in upkeep. You should consider this even if the older system appears to be working fine.

A replacement may be necessary for a system a few years younger than the expected lifespan if it has shown signs of consistent poor performance that repairs and maintenance have not improved. Look over your cooling bills for the last few years: if you notice a steady increase, despite regular maintenance, then your system is aging and should be replaced. Check over repair bills: a continual need for repairs also means a system past its prime and in need of a replacement.

You may also wish to change out your air conditioner to take advantage of a more efficient system that benefits from recent technology. Some customers decide to switch over to a heat pump instead of an AC so they can have cooling and heating in one package.

Call for Professional Installers

If you want a professional opinion regarding a replacement AC, contact heating and cooling specialists and let them look over your current system. They will help you make the best choice for your comfort and your budget. Let them handle the installation as well, if you go that route, so your new air conditioner/heat pump will work the best it can.

Air On Demand offers excellent air conditioning installation service in Miami, FL. Make us your first call when you prepare for the summer.