Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Repair Even if the AC Is Still Running?

Modern air conditioners can withstand quite a bit of punishment and continue to operate. Often, a single malfunctioning component won’t prevent the unit from running and delivering you a steady supply of cool air. If you notice a fault in your AC, you may feel that it’s unnecessary to schedule repairs if the system still appears to be running fine.

However, any AC problem should be repaired quickly. No matter how well the AC may appear to be running, the outer appearance is deceiving. We’ll explain why you need to jump onto air conditioner problems as soon as you notice them with a call to a professional repair service.

Air On Demand specializes in care for Miami, FL Trane air conditioners and many other brands and models. Call our experienced staff today to restore your AC to full health before summer starts.

Reasons Prompt AC Repair is Important

First of all, consider what a summer in Miami is like. You’ll need your air conditioner running for long periods to provide you with the comfort to make it through the humid temperatures that peak in July. If your AC is currently running with a fault, it still isn’t near the level of operating stress that it will experience during summer. Do you want to risk the malfunction causing a shutdown on the hottest day of the year? Because that’s the chance you’re taking if you let repairs slide.

Second, for any complex mechanical system, a single malfunction tends to cause a chain reaction throughout the other components. For example, if the compressor motor in your air conditioner starts to make a strange noise, it’s probably running down. This will start to affect the compressor, which will affect the flow of refrigerant and then affect the coils. The stress on components will increase, causing them to wear down. Allowing one repair need to escape attention will cause other repair needs to crop up, making the eventual fixes much more costly.

Finally, you’re probably wasting money with a malfunctioning air conditioner. You may receive the same level of cooling, but your AC must struggle to provide that level because of internal problems. Your utility bills will begin to climb. Don’t pay more than you have to, especially when summer starts: have a trained technician on repairs as soon as possible.

At Air On Demand, we have a staff of NATE-certified technicians, and we are also Trane Comfort Specialists and can provide top quality work for all types of Trane air conditioners in Miami, FL, as well as many other brands. Contact us to have those repairs done before the heavy summer work starts for your air conditioner.

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