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Miami Air Conditioning Repair Guide: Problems Caused by Ducts


You probably don’t often think about the ductwork inside your home because it is usually hidden, doing its job of distributing comforting, cool air. But because your ductwork remains out of sight, when it develops problems they can be difficult to detect and diagnose. In Florida, our wet climate poses a particular hazard to ducts because it can lead to corrosion and the introduction of contaminants.

We’re going to go over some problems that faulty ducts can cause. When you need professional work performed on your ducts, contact the Miami air conditioning repair specialists at Air On Demand.

  • Inefficient heating: Ducts that are broken, badly designed, or poorly installed will lower your air conditioner’s ability to keep you cool. Defective ducts will allow in air from parts of the house that are warmer than the rest, raising the temperature.
  • Inefficient energy use: If your air conditioner must work harder to reach the temperature you want, it will require more energy to run. You might notice an increase in your energy bills because bad or broken ducts are letting in warmer air or allowing dust to clog up the air filter.
  • Poor air quality: If you notice that your home is always dusty even though you work hard to keep it clean, then the dust may be coming out of the vents in your air conditioning—and you wouldn’t want to be breathing that! Broken ducts will gather more dust, and in turn circulate it around your home.

At first, you may feel tempted to grab the duct tape and try to seal up these breaks yourself. However, no matter its name, duct tape is not sufficient to close up these gaps. It will require a professional with special mastic sealant to do the job. You should also rely on a professional to diagnose the problem, since ducts are only one culprit for the three problems above.

Air On Demand has on-staff ductwork experts who can perform any necessary repairs or replacements you need. We also install air cleaners and purifiers to eliminate contaminants and make certain the air coming through your ducts is the best quality possible. Call us today to set up an appointment for air conditioning repair in Miami that will suit your needs.