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Why Do I Suffer from Inefficient Air Conditioning in Miami?


Air conditioning in Miami is a potent weapon in our constant battle against our heat and humidity. With it, you can make your home comfortable during even the hottest and muggiest days. Accordingly, when your air conditioning unit doesn’t function as efficiently as it should, you really tend to feel it. It may struggle to keep your house cool, and even if it succeeds, it may end up costing you far more than it should in monthly electric bills. Why do you suffer from inefficient air conditioning? The answer probably lies within one of two broad categories.

The most obvious answer is that your air conditioning unit is in need of maintenance or repair. When problems arise with your air conditioner, it tends to impact its efficiency the most. Whether it’s a blockage reducing air flow, leaking refrigerant reducing its ability to cool the air or just an overworked component that’s struggling harder than it should, it keeps the unit from functioning at top levels. That means it must expend more energy than it might and your electric bills go up accordingly. In many cases, you can correct this issue simply by scheduling a repair call or maintenance session from a qualified professional.

Another – and potentially more costly – explanation is that your air conditioning unit isn’t right for your house. AC systems need to be sized to fit the space they are intended to cool. If they’re too small, they’ll constantly struggle to work: resulting in warmer temperatures and/or higher bills. If they’re too large, something similar happens: they cycle on and off rapidly throughout the day, increasing wear on the unit and using up far more energy than they should. (This runs counter to the accepted logic that a bigger, more powerful unit is automatically the most efficient.) In such cases, the best solution is to replace the unit with something more efficient, after a professional has inspected your home and determined the best size for it.

If you suffer from inefficient air conditioning in Miami, it pays to talk to the experts at Air On Demand. We’ll perform the repairs or installation you need to make your air conditioner perform at its best. Call us to set up an appointment today.