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You have options when it comes to selecting an air conditioner for your home. We’d say that choosing the system known best for its incredible operation, amazing energy savings, quiet operation, and small space demands, may be your ideal option.

The Daikin Fit is a compact inverter air conditioner that can provide the top-tier home cooling that you want and bring a multitude of added benefits to sweeten the deal. Created by Daikin, a company that has over 90 years of technological innovation under its belt, the Fit is the system that can take your comfort and your home efficiency to the next level.

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Why Choose the Daikin Fit Inverter for Your Miami-Area Home

The Daikin Fit is an inverter style system, but what does that mean? It means you’ll get better comfort at a lower cost with fewer temperature fluctuations. Inverters can increase and decrease the amount of energy going to the compressor motor, thereby slowing down the operation of the overall system.

Think of it like a dimmer switch. Sometimes you need light but not at maximum brightness--sometimes you don’t need the maximum level of cooling! Inverter systems help to control the flow of energy in your system in a way that gives you better comfort without hard stops and start-ups all day long.

Enjoy an Energy Efficient HVAC System

Daikin Fit systems boast incredible energy efficiency. We wouldn’t recommend them otherwise! These systems are able to drop your monthly energy bills without impeding your comfort because…

  • A 4-ton Daikin Fit uses less than 4 amps of electricity to run--that’s less than the standard refrigerator.
  • Their inverter motor allows them to reduce their energy consumption throughout the day even further.
  • The inverter system prevents the need for the system to eat up extra energy through repeated start-ups.
  • This is made to be an affordable HVAC system in more ways than one. Discover how a Daikin Fit can help you save today.

The Benefits of a Small-Size Air Conditioner

Tight on space? Not to worry, the Daikin Fit is small space friendly too! Taking up only a third of the space that a standard square AC unit would, this side-discharge system provides a low-profile without skimping on producing powerful comfort. This makes it ideal for patio installs, zero lot lines, rooftop units, and more.

One System for Affordable Air Conditioning in Miami

As you can see, the Daikin Fit Inverter air conditioner is made to provide incredible comfort to any home in Miami, FL. Not to mention the fact that the inverter-style system allows it to act as a better dehumidifier than its counterparts too--and that is great news for our part of the country!

If and when you are in the market to upgrade your AC, or even just to outfit your home with an air conditioner for the first time, make sure to talk to one of our technicians about the Daikin Fit. There is a good chance that this system will be a great fit for your home’s cooling needs and your budget too.

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