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A Hissing AC Isn’t Normal

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As the temperature here in Florida gets hotter and hotter, making sure that your air conditioning system is working properly is crucial to stay cool and comfortable. With all the hard work your AC is doing this summer, it is possible that it will develop problems. A properly working air conditioner should run without making any noise. If you hear any strange noises from your AC, it is a sign that you have a major problem on your hand, and you need to hire a professional for AC repair in Kendall, FL.

One of the best ways to tell if your air conditioner is struggling is to listen to it. Do you hear a strange hissing sound? A continuous hissing sound coming from your air conditioning system could be a symptom of several possible problems with your unit.

We’ll tell you what could be causing the hissing noise and what you should do about it.

Why Is My AC Hissing?

Are you wondering what exactly is causing your air conditioner to make the hissing sound? Here are the major reasons you could be hearing that strange noise coming from your AC and what it could mean.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks are the most common reason for the hissing sound. The copper refrigerant lines carrying the refrigerant throughout your air conditioner can develop leaks. If these lines develop cracks, it can cause the refrigerant to exit the lines at high pressure. An air conditioner that loses its refrigerant charge can sustain significant damage to the compressor and the rest of the unit.

Internal Valve Leak

There are chances that the compressor valve in your air conditioning unit can develop leaks. Refrigerant leaking from the internal valve can also cause a continuous hissing sound. This valve is responsible for pressurizing the refrigerant and help it flow throughout the system. You need to get the part repaired immediately to ensure that your AC can keep cooling your house.

The Compressor Could be Failing

The hissing sound could be a sign that the compressor in your air conditioner is failing because of too much internal pressure. The compressor is effectively the engine that makes sure that your air conditioner is cooling. It is also the most expensive component in your unit. If the hissing sound is coming from your air conditioner’s compressor and it turns into a louder shrieking noise, you should turn off the unit and get in touch with professionals immediately.

Do Not Ignore The Hiss

If you only hear hissing sounds that last a few seconds, you might not have a reason to worry. Your air conditioner can make a hissing sound because of the expansion valve as the gas expands inside the valve.

However, a continuous hissing sound could be there because of major repairs that your air conditioner requires. Failing to address the problem immediately can cause significant damage to your air conditioning system and be potentially dangerous for you and your family.

You should turn off your air conditioning system if you hear a constant hissing noise and call a professional to diagnose and repair the problem.

When you need a trained professional technician to help with your air conditioning system, contact Air On Demand. We are always honest, and we are upfront about pricing.