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Going Green Doesn’t End with Earth Day

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When it comes to adopting environmentally friendly habits, most of us have a tendency to ‘go big or go home’. We want to ban the use of non-biodegradable plastics, and we want to do it now. We want to stop using fossil fuels, and we want to do it now. 

Anything short of the above is dismissed as too trivial. 

Contrary to what most of us believe, going green isn’t about making overnight changes, but adapting sustainable practices that can become a part of our everyday lifestyles. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. 

Going green doesn’t end with earth day, it’s about practicing a lifestyle that gradually swaps out environmentally harmful products in favor of eco-friendly alternatives. 

Here are 5 simple things you can do right now, without breaking the bank, to change the world for the better. 

Embrace Digital Technology

The world is now digital-focused, which means you no longer need paper to get things done. You can send emails instead of letters. Instead of printing out files, you can save them to your computer and share them with friends using cloud-based apps such as Google Drive. 

Switch the Lights off

We obviously can’t stop using electricity because it is a part of our daily lives., However, we can adopt small habits such as turning the lights off when leaving the room to save energy (and lower the bills). 

This practice also extends the life of your light bulbs, which means you’ll have to buy fewer bulbs in the long run. This may sound like a very trivial expense, but it adds up over time. 

Pro tip: If it’s sunny outside, open up the blinds and use natural light instead. It’s good for your health too!

Try to Use Reusable Bags

When doing grocery shopping, take a reusable bag with you instead of opting for plastic or paper bags. It’s completely wasteful and takes a tremendous toll on our planet. A single plastic bag can stay in the environment for several years – and often ends up in the bellies of unwary marine animals. Switching over to reusable bags could be the most powerful thing you could do to go green right now. 

Power Down Appliances That Are Not In Use

In the consumer culture, we’re constantly plugged into our devices, which are plugged into the electrical grid. To many consumers, switching the appliance back on is too inconvenient so they would rather have them hooked in forever – which saves them a few seconds of having to wait till the device boots up. 

But it’s also the quickest way to rack up your energy bills and may reduce the longevity of your device. 

So turn your laptop off (and no, we’re not referring to sleep mode) and your television, and any other devices you have on standby mode. This will save energy and will also keep things cool. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance for HVAC 

If you’re not already on an HVAC maintenance plan, it’s high time you considered signing up for one. HVAC units are massive energy consumers that draw in huge amounts of electricity to keep us cool (or warm). When they inevitably lose their efficiency (due to wear and tear, grime, dust build-up, etc.), their energy requirements also go sky-high. And with it, your utility bills. 

It’s time you invested in an HVAC maintenance plan to go green and save the earth—and your wallet will also thank you!

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